Note: the concentrations below are not formally defined in a specific framework by the ECE Department that would lead to anything being noted on your diploma. We only offer suggestions for concentrated coursework as a guide to students wishing to be better prepared for certain career paths.

Control Systems

ECE Professor Bodson maintains an outline of suggested Control Systems Coursework.

Students interested in control systems are encouraged to begin control systems coursework as early as possible in their program in order to fit for more interesting and advanced control systems topics into their upper-level electives.


ECE Professor Furse maintains an outline of a suggested Electromagnetics Program.

The EM Program suggests a timeline and prerequisite schedule for students interested in taking as many electromagnetics courses as possible during their education.

Power Systems and Electronics

Training students in the fields of control systems, power electronics, and power systems engineering.

The Power Engineering Program has (so far) produced the following courses:

  • ECE 3600 Introduction to Power Engineering
  • ECE 5610 Fundamentals of Power Electronics
  • ECE 5620 Introduction to Power Systems
  • ECE 5570 Control of Electric Motors

PEARL (Power Engineering and Automation Research Lab) is home to professors and graduate students working to develop the power engineering curriculum.