Electrical and computer engineering Courses

Here you will find course descriptions, prerequisites, credit weights, and which semester each class is offered.


Note: These lists are provided as a guide to our class offerings. They do not guarantee that any class will be offered. Prerequisites, course material, credit weights, and semester offerings are subject to change at any time.

You can view current course offerings for upcoming semesters by visiting the University of Utah Class Catalog for the appropriate semester:
Summer 2016
Fall 2016
Spring 2017

ECE Course Websites

Spring 2017 Semester Course Websites

ECE 5324/6324 – Antenna Theory and Design
ECE 6910/7910 – Graduate Seminar

Fall 2017 Semester Course Websites

ECE 5350/6350 – Metamaterials and Advanced Antenna Theory
ECE 6900/7900 – Graduate Seminar

Course Numbering System

X2xx = Micro/Nanosystems
X3xx = Electromagnetics
X4xx = Optics
X5xx = Signal Processing/Communication
X6xx = Power
X7xx and x8xx = Computer Engineering
X9xx = Seminars or Temporary Course Numbers (courses taught first or second time)