Private: Lazzi Keynote Speaker at IMWS-Bio 2013

Gianluca Lazzi

Gianluca Lazzi

Lazzi Keynote Speaker at IMWS-Bio 2013.

Topic: Advances and Challenges in Bioelectromagnetics for Implantable Devices: Current and Future Applications.

Abstract: Over the past decade, we have witnessed significant changes in the area of bioelectromagnetics, primarily spearheaded by new opportunities that implantable devices, and medical applications in general, have offered. In this talk we will discuss recent advances in bioelectromagnetics with particular emphasis on the application to the development of an artificial retina to restore partial vision to the blind and neurostimulators in general. We will discuss the relevance of bioelectromagnetic research to the modeling of neural stimulation, the development of implantable antennas and telemetry systems, novel neurostimuators, flexible electronics for implants, and the electromagnetic safety assessment of implantable devices. Future opportunities and research efforts will also be discussed.

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