Apply to be an EE Major

Apply for major-status in the Electrical Engineering program by filling out and submitting the following form:

  1. This application for major admission status will not be considered unless you have been admitted to the University of Utah. EE applications are only processed at the end of every semester.
  2. If you have non-articulated transfer courses, you must also file petition forms in support of this major application.
  3. If you have repeated a course below, you should list the grade you received while repeating it for the first time (which would be the second time you took the class.) A grade that does not meet the minimum requirements on the second attempt prevents your admission to the program.
  4. For assistance applying to be an EE major, speak with the ECE academic adviser.

Personal Information

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For which semester are you applying for major status?
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Major Admission Courses

EE Majors need to have taken ECE 1020 and 1270 or ECE 1250 and have received a C- or higher in the course.
Course Institution/University Semester Taken Credit Hours Grade
ECE 1020
if took previous Matlab course
PHYS 2210


I certify that I have given complete and correct information on this application. I understand that giving incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information will result in rejection of my application for admission.