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Project: Cardiac Pacemaker Communication System

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Students will build and test a wireless communication system that includes design considerations for a cardiac pacemaker. The dielectric properties of the human body will be explored. Transmission line theory will be used to develop the ideas of reflection and transmission in mediums. A matching network for a monopole antenna will be built. The received power from a transmitting antenna embedded in muscle simulant will be measured. The receiving antenna is attached to an amplifier and splitter that detects if 420 or 460 MHz signals are received.

Lab 0 – Writing Lab5625707813_cbdb4ec0a5_b

Lab 0 Prelab

ECE Microwave Lab – Room MEB 2275


          Information about the Labs What is Due and When (PDF)

  • Weekly Report Checklist (PDF)(DOC) (NOTE: some weeks only a portion (such as introduction or conclusion) will be emphasized. See individual labs for details)
  • ECE 3300 Lab Overview (PDF)(DOC)

Background information on the purpose and prelab content:

At the end of the labs you will submit a final report, below is more information regarding what is required and how to format your final report. Start the outline of your final report in lab 0 and to it each week as you work on the labs.

Lab 0 Grading Sheet

Lab 1 – Dielectric Materials

ECE Microwave Lab MEB 2275

Required Reading:

Reference Material:

Another reference on decibels

For more help on Matlab Graphics, download Getting a handle on MATLAB graphics, by RA Green, IEEE Potentials Magazine, July-Aug. 2007 pp 31-37 from IEEE Xplorer available in the reference section of the Marriott Library website (Xplorer is THE premier link for EE information. Go find it now. You will need it many, many times in the future. AND bring a copy of this article to the lab with you and receive 5 extra credit points.

Hey! Don’t you wish that article had been delivered to your door? IEEE Potentials is a really cool magazine sent to IEEE student members. If you missed it, join IEEE (yes, I really DO think you should).

Lab 1 Grading Sheet (includes grading for formal report)

Lab 2 – Transmission Lines and TDR

the spice must flow!

ECE Microwave Lab MEB 2275

Excel template: TDRConverterDtoT.xls

Required Reading:

Reference Materials:


Lab 3 – Matching Antenna Networks

Lab 3 picture

ECE Microwave Lab ME2275

Required Reading (also included in your Lab Procedure)

Reference Materials

Grading Sheet

Lab 4 – The Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Algorithm

Lab 4 picture

ECE Microwave Lab MEB 2275

Reference Materials:

Grading (No formal report required)


Lab 6 – Communication System

Lab 6 picture

ECE Microwave Lab MEB 2275 SPLIT A/B GROUP

Required Reading

Bring these to lab with you: