Fall 2015 TA Application

Application deadline 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 28, 2015.

unid@utah.edu or myname@utah.edu

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Resume and Transcript

Upload a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file smaller than 2 MB in size. Attach a current resume and your unofficial transcript generated from cis.utah.edu. Please name your files: "Last name, First name resume” and “Last name, First name transcript"

Academic Information

If English is not your native language, have you been cleared by the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Program?

To be eligible for an assignment, you must be cleared by the ITA Program.


Please state your employment preference. (Total hour availability should be between 6 and 20 hours.)



This section must be completed in order to facilitate assignment consideration. If any changes are made in your registration, please notify Holly Cox (h.cox@utah.edu) as soon as possible to avoid incorrect assignments.

Any TA not available to attend the first class session will have their TA assignment dropped.


Please indicate below for which courses you would prefer or be willing to be a TA. Include whether or not you have taken each course (and if so, what grade you received) as well as whether or not you have previously been a TA for each course (and if so, during which semester). An "L" indicates there are labs in this class.


If a course number has a "L", it means that it has lab attached to the class.

1250 L ECE Design

1900 Freshman Seminar

2200 L / 2210 L ECE for Civil/Non-majors

2240 L Intro to Electric Circuits

2280 L Fund Eng Electronics

3110 L Engineer Electronics II

3300 L Fund EM & Trans Lines

3500 L Fund Signals/Systems

3530 Eng Prob Stats

3600 L Intro to Elec Eng Power

3710 L Computer Design Lab

4900 Senior Thesis I

5201 Phys of Nano-Elec Dev

5231 / 6231 Microsensors

5232 L / 6232 L Microsensors Lab

5320 L / 6322 L Microwave Eng I

5350 / 6350 Metamtrls & Adv Ant Theory

5410 L Lasers & Applications

5510 Random Processes

5610 L Power Electronics Fund

5671 L / 6671 L Electric Generators

5750 / 6750 Syn & Verif Asyn VLSI Sys

5960-2 IP Law & Strategy

5960-3 / 6960-2 Intro to Econ Oper of Pwr Sys

6532 Digital Image Proc

6590 Software Radio

6900 / 7900 Graduate Seminar

6960-8 Analog Circuit Design for VLSI

6962-1 Solid-State Memory Devices


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