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(INVITED PAPER) C.Furse, A Survey of Phased Arrays for Medical Applications,  ACES Journal, Special Issue on Phased Arrays , Vol. 21, No.3, Nov 2006, pp.365-379

O.P. Gandhi, C.M.Furse, G. Lazzi, Monopole Antennas , Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, John Webster, editor, 2000; Reprinted in Wiley Encyclopedia of RF and Microwave Engineering, 2003, Vol 4, pp. 3238-3244

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C.M. Furse, G. Lazzi, O.P. Gandhi, Dipole, Monopole and Loop Antennas, Modern Antennas, Constantine Balanis, editor, 2006

C.M.Furse, Antennas for Medical Applications, Antenna Engineering Handbook, John Volakis, editor, 2006


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Implantable Antennas for Medical Applications

C.Furse, Design of an Antenna for Pacemaker Communication, Microwaves and RF, March 2000, p. 73-76

Pichitpong Soontornpipit, Cynthia M. Furse and You Chung Chung, Miniaturized Biocompatible Microstrip Antenna using Genetic Algorithm, IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 53, No. 6, June 2005, pp. 1939-1945

MRI Coil Design

J.Rock Hadley, C.Furse, D. Parker, RF coil design using a genetic algorithm, ACES Journal, Vol. 2, No. 2, July 2007, pp. 277-286


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Down-Borehole Loops for Geophysical Imaging

D.Johnson, C.Furse, A.Tripp,  FDTD Modeling and Validation of EM Survey Tools, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Sept. 20, 2002

D.Johnson, E.Cherkaev, C.Furse, A.Tripp, Cross-Borehole Delineation of a Conductive Ore Deposit -- Experimental Design,  Geophysics, May/June 2001

D.Johnson, C.Furse, A.Tripp, PML for FDTD Modeling of a Conductive Ore Deposit in a Lossy Dielectric, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 25, No.4, May 20, 2000, pp. 253-255

(INVITED PAPER) C.M. Furse, D.M. Johnson, A.C. Tripp,  Application of the FDTD Method to Geophysical Simulations, Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Newsletter, March 1999


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BroadBand and MultiBand Designs

L. Griffiths, C. Furse, Broadband and multi-band antenna design using the genetic algorithm to create amorphous shapes using ellipses, IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, Volume 54, Issue 10, Oct. 2006 Page(s):2776 - 2782

Soil Moisture Antenna

Pichitpong Soontornpipit, Cynthia M. Furse, You Chung Chung, and Bryan M. Lin, Optimization of a Buried Microstrip Antenna for Simultaneous Communication and Sensing of Soil Moisture,  IEEE Trans. AP Special Issue on Antenna Applications, Volume 54, Issue 3, March 2006 Page(s):797 - 800

Antennas in Plasma

J. Ward, C. Swenson,C.Furse, The Impedance of a Short Dipole Antenna in a Magnetized Plasma via a FDTD model, IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, Vol 53, No8, Aug 2005, pp. 2711-2718


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