ECE 4910 Senior Design – Dr. Furse

Welcome to the University of Utah Clinic Program!


*      Projects for 2004

*      Assignments and Due Dates

*      Favorite Links   (including technical writing information)

Projects for 2004

          Agilent Technologies

          GE Medical Systems

          Aircraft Wiring

                   Anthony Archibald

                   Tom Evans


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Assignments and Due Dates

Team Development

Task Definition

Task Assignment


Set up FTP Site:  (CADE Lab)

How to access the folders using  FTP: 

If you do not have an ftp password, log into the cade lab and type "remote_passwd".It will ask you to enter a new password.


Abstract #1

    Information on Abstract Submission

    Style Requirements (for all written work)

    Information on abstracting

    More information on abstracting


Literature Review

    IEEE Reference Format

    Doing a Literature Survey


Presentation #1

    How to give a better talk

    Legibility – Artwork to Screen


Team Evaluation #1




Final Abstract


Final Report (Draft 1)

    General Guidelines on Final report

    Appendix on Ethics / Societal Impact

    Thesis Draft Checklist

    IEEE Reference Format

    Contents and Grading of Project Final Report.pdf


Final Team Evaluation


Open House

   Guidelines for Judging Student Papers



IEEE Paper Contest

   IEEE Paper Contest Rules

   Student Paper Contest Guidelines



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Favorite Links

*      The Design Process

*      FMEA:  Failure Modes Effect Analysis, More on Failure Documentation

*      Writing and Speaking Resources   

*      Standard Abbreviations, etc.

*      Furse Tutorials (writing resources, lab equipment, software, etc.)

*      UofU CLEAR Center  

*      Plagiarism (Just Don’t … be sure to properly credit other work using Reference Format above)

*      If you want to include an idea from someone else, give it a reference [1]

*      If someone tells you how to do something, then give them credit for a ‘personal communication [1]’

*      If you want to include a quote “Then quote it” [1]

*      If you want to include a figure, then put ‘Reprinted From [1]’ in the caption.  If you later publish it, you will need to get written permission from the authors.

*      Example Specification Sheet

*      IEEE Paper Contest Winners,  Paper Contest Rules

*      University of Toronto Senior Design Links


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