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Movies Example of PowerPoint Slide with Movie (and how to make it)

Furses Favorite Figure Format (that look good enough to print!)

Figure Format1.m (an *.m file that is a tutorial)

Also see notes on figures in tutorial.m

Also read “Getting a Handle on Matlab Graphics”[1] which you can download from IEEE Xplorer.

Startup.m  Put this at the beginning of all of your matlab programs for larger fonts

How to make figures with two axes (bottom and top, for instance)

 Tips for Fixed-Point Modeling and Production Code Generation

The majority of embedded controllers use fixed-point processing

because that makes them less expensive. However, it takes time to

program all the detailed scaling information. Release 13 makes all

of this easier with its intrinsic fixed-point support and

automation scaling tools. Tips and techniques on how to best

apply these tools to obtain optimized design specifications and

generated code are described...


Connecting Matlab to TIs DSP Processors:

See Code Composer Studio.

It connects to TI's fixed and floating point DSP'S.

Here's a link to the product:


Channel models are in the Communications Blockset


See also:



[1] Getting a handle on MATLAB graphics
Green, R.A.;
Potentials, IEEE
Volume 26,  Issue 4,  July-Aug. 2007 Page(s):31 - 37