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Most Common Classes (details and many additional classes listed below)



Disclaimer!This is an UNOFFICIAL course listing.

Please refer to official department and university information for course details and schedules.


Course # and Catalog Listing

Class Notes

When Taught



ECE 3300

Introduction to Electromagnetics

Fall every year

4 credits including lab

Furse(Simpson from 2013 on)

ECE 5325 / 6325

Wireless Comm Systems

Spring (Odd years) (see note below)

3 credits


ECE 5340 / 6340

Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics

Spring every year (see note below)

3 credits


ECE 5320 / 6322

Microwave Engineering I (Furse notes)

WLAN Laboratory

Fall every year (see note below)

4 credits including lab


ECE 5321 / 6323

Microwave Engineering II >> Name and content will be changing

Spring every year

3 credits



ECE 5324 / 6324


Spring every year

3 credits

Gandhi 2013

Schurig from 2014

ECE 5480


Not currently scheduled to be taught

3 credits


ECE 6730

RFIC (prerequisite 5720 Analog IC)


3 credits


ECE 6310

Advanced Electromagnetics

Spring 2013. Moving to Fall even years starting 2014

3 credits


ECE 5410


Fall every year

3 credits


ECE 6460


Fall odd years (but will not be taught 2013)

3 credits


ECE 6461


Fall even years

3 credits


ECE 6430

Statistical Optics

Not planned to be taught until further notice

3 credits


ECE 6420

Fourier Optics

Not planned to be taught until further notice

2 credits


ECE 5350/6350

Metamaterials & Advanced Antennas

Fall odd years starting 2013

3 credits


ECE 5411

Fiber Optic Communication

Spring even years

3 credits

Blair (generally)

Nahata (2014)

ECE 6440

Integrated optics

Spring odd years

3 credits



Ultrafast optics

Spring odd years


ECE 6451

Nonlinear optics

Spring even years (but not 2014)


ECE 5962/6961

Optics for Energy

Fall every year



ECE 7310

Advanced MRI

Spring every year (cross listed with Radiology and Bioeng)



ECE 7320

Adv Reconstruction Tech in Med Imaging

Fall every year (also cross listed as above)



Geol/Geoph 5250

Inversion Theory

Fall every year

(Adv course taught on occasion)

3 credits


ME 5510

Intro to Finite Elements




ME 7540

Adv Finite Elements




Math 5600 or Math 5610 and 5620

Numerical Analysis


3 credits or 3+3 credits

** Complimentary to ECE 5340/6340

Math 5650

Topics in Numerical Analysis




Math 5660

Parallel Numerical Analysis




Math 5710, 5720, 5750

Applied Math




Math 6630

Numerical soln of PDE




Physics 5020





Physics 6910

Adv EM




Physi 7910 and 7920

Adv EM

Fall & Spring




Notes on Scheduling:

(Note for Undergraduate Microwave I students) Please note that students wishing to take both ECE 3110, Engineer Electronics II, and ECE 5320, Microwave Engineering I, to fulfill breadth or elective courses for their undergraduate electrical engineering degrees must take these courses in the fall semesters of different years, as they are taught on the same meeting pattern in fall semesters. This schedule is necessary in order to maximize the limited space available in the microwave laboratory, which is used by both ECE 3300 and ECE 5320 in fall semesters, and also to avoid scheduling ECE 5320 on top of other upper-division classes.

(Note for Undergrad Wireless Comm or Numerical Methods students) ECE 3530 (which is required for undergrads) is taught the same time as these courses. This means most students will be able to take either Wireless or Numerical, but not both. They are taught alternate years. Choose which you want to take, see which year (even/odd) it is taught, and take ECE3530 on the OTHER year.

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Other Classes of Interest to Graduate Students

Wrtg 6000

Technical Writing (help writing your thesis proposal)

CS 6020

Early Career Research (limited nonCS enrollment)

CS 7010

Proposal Writing (limited nonCS enrollment)


Higher Education Teaching Specialist Program (UofU CTLE)

UGS 6000

Teaching in Higher Education (for more information: or contact Kim Welch at: tel. 581-7597; email

UGS 6510

Cyper Pedagogy

UGS 6590

Directed Reading (variable credit)

ME 7960 -6

Creativity (Ian Harvey or Jessica Thompson

ME 7960-7

Leadership and Ethics (same contact as above)

WRTG 6000 (taught on request when there are enough students interested)


Writing for Publication

WRTG 7060 (taught on request when there are enough students interested)

Scientific Writing


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Suggested Undergrad Breadth and Elective Courses for EM

Fall Junior

Spring Junior

ECE 3300 Intro EM

Numerical EM OR Wireless Comm



Fall Senior

Spring Senior


Wireless Comm OR Numerical EM

Microwave I (See note below)

Microwave II (alternate years)


Fiber Optics

See Undergrad Advising for Remainder of Program

See NOTES on Scheduling to avoid conflicts with other classes.

Extra time in your schedule? Consider the BS/MS combined programÖ a Masters degree is closer than you might guess.

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Senior Design Projects

2011-12 Senior Project canvas website: click HERE

Department Requirements for Senior Project Reports

Dr. Furse OLD Resources (ignore the assignment list) Senior Design

Neil Cotterís OLD Resources Senior Design

For a list of senior design projects I have overseen, please click here.

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Masterís Program

This program is very flexible. Add your desired classes to the MS spreadsheet (may also be used for ME). I Suggest choosing 1 area of specialty with supporting classes and subspecialty mostly from ECE. Discuss with your major advisor or one of the professors listed above.More Details on the UU MS / ME / BSMS / BSME programs.For Dr Furses Advising Notes Grad Student Survival 101

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PhD Program

This program is very flexible. Add your desired classes to the PhD spreadsheet.I suggest choosing 1 area of specialty, 1 area of subspecialty, and taking several courses outside the department to compliment these specialties. Discuss with your major advisor. More Details on the PhD programs . Dr Furses Advising NotesGrad Student Survival 101

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EM Professors

Microwaves / RF

Dr. Om Gandhi

Microwaves / RF

Dr. Cynthia Furse

Microwaves / RF

Dr. Gianluca Lazzi

Computational EM

Dr. Jamesina Simpson

Metamaterials / EM

Dr. David Schurig


Dr. Steve Blair


Dr. Ajay Nahata


Dr. Rajesh Menon


Dr. Darrin Young


Dr. Jeffrey Walling


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