Wireless Local Area Network Design Project

Information provided below is intended to help educators develop a WLAN project-based lab. The writeups are preliminary and under-development, so watch for changes in the near future.


These labs are provided for use by students taking Microwave Engineering at Utah State University or the University of Utah. If you would like to use them for another purpose, please contact the professor.


WLAN Lab Assignments


Lab 1: Measurement of S-parameters  

            Tutorial: HP8510c Network Analyzer   (calibration)

Lab 2: Introduction to Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS) Software

            Tutorial: Single Stub Matching (MSWord)  

            General Tutorials on ADS from Agilent 

Examples   Networks

Lab 3: Matching and Antenna Lab

            Tutorial: Downloading data from HP8510c Network Analyzer

                        Matlab code to print ADS and Network Analyzer Plots

                        (Download gui.m and gui.fig, put files to plot in same directory as gui.m, run gui.m)

                        Gui.m               Gui.fig

Lab 4: Couplers

Lab 5: Detector Lab

 Tutorial: How to  use ADS for measured S-parameters and artwork for soldering parts

Matlab File       Diode2pt.txt

Lab 6: Filter Lab

Lab 7: Amplifier Lab

            Tutorial: Biasing ERA Amplifiers

            Amplifier Package Size Specifications

Lab 8: Series Connection

Lab 9: Connection to Computer

For TAs:

Technical Report (word 98 document)

Presentation1 Presentation2

                        TA Preparation List

For Professors:

            Introduction to USU Wireless Labs -- Presented at 1999 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium

C.Furse, R.Woodward, M. Jensen, "Wireless Local Area Network Laboratory for Microwave Engineering Courses," accepted IEEE Trans. Education

Component List

Building the Circuit Board Holder  (See IEEE Trans. Education Paper for info and Intro for photos)

                                    Building the TRL Calibration Set