Inspirational Reading for Engineers (and Aspiring Engineers)

by Prof. Reid Harrison

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

While bookstore shelves are filled with biographies of entertainers, sports stars, and politicians, there are relatively few good books that profile engineers or the process of engineering and invention. I find biographies and other historical accounts of my chosen career to be very encouraging and inspirational, and I would encourage every engineer (or aspiring engineer) to seek out a book or two related to their field of interest. These books can provide unique insight into the history and personalities behind the forces of invention and innovation.

Contrary to popular stereotypes, you will find that engineering is at its heart an extraordinarily creative endeavor, and the top people in this field can only be described as artists.

Since few of these books are bestsellers, I provide here a list of recommended ''inspirational reading'' for engineers and those who wish to understand engineers.

Recommended Reading (in order of publication)