ECE 4710 - CE Senior Project
Fall 2007

General Information:

Title: ECE/CS 4710 - Computer Engineering Senior Project, Fall 2007
Instructor: Ken Stevens,, MEB 4506, 585-9176
Classes: Arranged by Project, Room TBA
Office Hours: by appointment
Web Page:
Prerequisites:   ECE/CS 3992

Course Description:

This is the capstone project course for Computer Engineering majors. In this course the student completes the project that was chosen and defined by the students in ECE 3992. The project must be fully documented. The final results are presented, a writeup is delivered in a format suitable for a conference publication, and the working project is demonstrated.

There are several major goals for this project, which will prepare the students for industry or graduate work:

  1. Propose and complete a significant engineering project
  2. Project organization, planning, leadership, and teamwork skills
  3. Develop proposal and presentation skills, and paper writing skills

Grading Policy:

Disability: If you have one that needs addressing contact the instructor immediately in the beginning of class.
Add/Drop Policy: We follow the very strict University of Utah policy. Click for details
Incomplete Policy: You can't get an incomplete unless you have a documented medical or legal emergency.

The grade for this semester will be determined as follows:

Project meets specification:    40%
Final Paper: 25%
Weekly meetings and logs: 15%
Evaluation by Team Members: 10%
Teamwork and effort standards:     10%

Class Schedule:

Team Meeting Schedule

Project      Time      Students
Aquatic Guidance System Thursdays, 3:00pm Tyson Ellsworth, Nick Edwards, Paul Hansen, Ed St. Louis, Richard Wright
Synapse Autonomous Vehicle Tuesdays, 5:00pm Michael DeLisi, Dariel Marlow, Toren Monson, Matt Stoker
Wireless Positioning System Thursdays, 3:30pm Matt Fisher, Spencer Graff, Chris Jones
Procedural Modeling of Clouds TBD Eli Ribble

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Senior Projects and Thesis Web Pages:

Project Proposals:


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