ECE 4900 - Senior Thesis I
Section 002 - Micron Clinic
Fall 2010

General Information:

Title: ECE 4900 - Senior Thesis I, Fall 2010
Instructor: Ken Stevens,, MEB 4506, 585-9176
Classes: Wed 3:00 - 4:00
Office Hours: by appointment
Web Page:
Prerequisites:   ECE 3910

Course Description:

This course is for students with major status who are seniors within one year of graduation. The clinic sections come with additional requirements and benefits than the traditional senior thesis sections. Only students selected by the ECE department to participate in the Micron clinic will be able to participate in this course.

In this course the students will implement an engineering project that is defined by Micron. This project is planned and executed to completion over the course of two semesters (4910 in the spring).

There are several major goals for this project, which will prepare the students for industry or graduate work:

  1. Define and complete a significant engineering project
  2. Develop proposal and presentation skills
  3. Project organization, planning, and teamwork skills

Grading Policy:

Incomplete Policy:  You can't get an incomplete unless you have a documented medical or legal emergency.
College Guidelines:   Refer to the college policy on adding and dropping classes, etc.
Disability: If you have a condition that merits consideration, you must contact the instructor at the beginning of the course.

This semester will not be graded until the completion ECE 4910, the second semester of this class. Following is the grading for the course (both 4900 and 4910):

Project proposal and presentation10%
Mid-year report and Presentation10%
Weekly Meetings and Logs15%
Completed project meets proposal specifications     25%
Teamwork and Effort standard (225 total hours) 20%
Final writeup, presentation, and documentation 10%
Reviews received from technical conference 10%

Class Schedule:

Location Legend:
MEB-3259  Clinic Room
MEB-3235  ECE Conference Room
MEB-4506  Stevens' Office
MEB-3315  Micron Lab

Aug 25   Teamwork lecture
Location: MEB-3235
Sep 3 Meeting with Tim Hollis on Project Proposal.
Time: 9:30-10:30am
Location: MEB-3235
Sep 8 Proposal discussion and Project Management lecture.
Location: MEB-3235
Sep 15 Technology Review of Flash Memory.
Location: MEB-3259
Sep 22 Anatomy of a Proposal lecture.
Location: MEB-3235
Sep 24 Writing Good Proposals lecture.
Location: MEB-3259
Oct 6 Potential meeting with Tim Hollis and Micron Foundation.
Oct 13 Due:Proposal First Draft Due
Oct 20 Proposal review, project discussion, web page requirements.
Due: Final Proposal
Due: Web page setup and reporting starting this week.
Nov 17 Discussion of Project and Deliverables
Due: Diagram and List of the body of the project including:
     A diagram of your finished project, COMPLETED PROJECT DELIVERABLES and stretch goals, interfaces specifications and tasks, project tasks with schedule and milestones, task risk assessment, testing and integration strategy, bill of materials with vendor list and cost, references used so far (including mentors), [group] communication plan...
Dec 3 Final presentation discussion.
Dec 10 Final mid-year performance report presentation by students.
Due: 10 minute individual presentations on technical contribution this semester.
Due: Team paper that includes contributions and designs as built to this point.

Project Information:

The project this year will entail the analysis of power delivery systems onto integrated circuits.

We continue to attempt to lower the power and energy consumption of our integrated circuits, because we are doubling the number of transistors on a chip every 18 to 24 months. One of the primary methods of lowering power is to reduce the supply voltage. However, this has a few drawbacks as it increases the current, Further, controlling inductive effects is challenging on a planar integrated circuit.

This project will investigate several important topics in this domain, including:

Helpful Downloads:

Following is information useful for the class, including web page setup for your web logs, lectures, and helpful notes.

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