ECE 5950/6950
Designing Performance and Power Models for Communication Networks
Fall 2006

General Information:

Title: ECE 5950/6950 - Designing Performance and Power Models for Communication Networks, Fall 2006
Instructor: Ken Stevens,, MEB 4506, 585-9176
Classes:Thu 2:00pm - 3:00pm, MEB 3259
Office Hours: by appointment
Web Page:
Prerequisites:    Instructor Approval

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to improve your skills with regard to the practical aspects of constructing software. We will focus on the design and implementation of a software CAD for modeling the performance and power of communication networks.

Required Textbook:
None. However, you will definitely need a C++ book for reference.

Grading Policy:

Disability: If you have one that needs addressing contact the instructor immediately in the beginning of class.
Add/Drop Policy: The University is very strict on this, and we abide by their policy in this course.
Incomplete Policy: Due to the project nature of the class, you cannot get an incomplete unless you have a documented medical or legal emergency or military call.

Homework 40%
Final Project      60%

The purpose of the homework is to improve your skills at solving problems and demonstrating that you have absorbed the class lecture material. Collaboration with other class members is acceptable when discussing the homework problems and how to go about solving them.

However, the code that you write must be your own. Sharing code or using someone else's code is considered plagiarism and will be dealt with using standard College and University procedures.


The following topics will be discussed


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