ECE/CS 6712
Digital Integrated Circuit Projects Testing
Spring 2015

General Information:

Title: ECE/CS 6712 - Digital IC Projects Testing, Spring 2015
Instructor: Ken Stevens,, MEB 4506, 585-9176
Classes: TBD
Office Hours: by appointment
Web Page:
Prerequisites:   MOSIS fabricated chip from ECE/CS 5710/6710/6770

Course Description:

This course is for students who have designed and fabricated a digital integrated circuit through MOSIS in conjunction with ECE/CS 5710, 6710, or 6770. The options for evaluating functionality, performance, power, and radiation will be discussed along with the equipment usage and options. Students will become familiar with the Tektronix LV500 chip tester and logic analyzers. The characterization of the chip will be carried out, and a report will be presented to the class. The portion of this report suitable for satisfying MOSIS fabrication requirements will be submitted.

Required Textbook:
None. However, course materials and documentation will be provided.

Grading Policy:

Disability: If you have one that needs addressing contact the instructor immediately in the beginning of class.
Add/Drop Policy: The University is very strict on this, and we abide by their policy in this course.
Incomplete Policy: Due to the project nature of the class, you cannot get an incomplete unless you have a documented medical or legal emergency or military call.

Functional chip tests      50%
Project report 20%
74F547 tutorial 10%
LV500 schmoo plot 10%
Test data files 10%

Report Requirements: Make sure to show me your test setup and your IC in action if you needed to build a separate board or did testing beyond functional chip testing on the LV500 system.

The 74F547 Tutorial must be passed off with the instructor before testing your chip.

Information and Downloads:

Currently the only working ftp board resides on the LV512. You ftp to the machine from any cade machine. You can only use generic ftp, not ssh or sftp. To upload or download a file, first connect to the Simulation directory.

Example Project Reports

These are project reports from the students in 2013:

These are project reports from the students 2009:

These are project reports from the students 2007:

These are the project reports from the students 2006:


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