Prof. Ken Stevens Course Links

University of Utah

o Computer Design Lab: ECE/CS 3710

o Computer Engineering Junior Seminar: CE 3991

o Senior Pre-Thesis and Project: CE 3992

o Computer Engineering Senior Project: CE 4710

o Senior Project and Thesis I: ECE 4900

o Senior Project and Thesis II: ECE 4910

o Digital VLSI Design: ECE/CS 5710/6710

o Advanced Digital VLSI: ECE/CS 6770

o Digital IC Project Testing: ECE/CS 6712

o Designing Performance and Power Models for Communication Networks: ECE 5950/6950

o Formal Verification and Model Checking of Hardware: ECE 6960

o Relative Timed Asynchronous Design ECE/CS 5960/6961

General Downloads and Documents

Here is the source for the LaTeX version of the ECE Report Template. This is a very generic template that you can use for almost any class report, thesis defense, or other technical or class document.

o The pdf output of the report template.

o Download the latex template source in a tar, gzip format. To extract these files, execute the following from a Linux shell prompt: This will extract the source files in the current directory where you extract the template files.

o For all you that use Windoze (poor saps) here is the MS Word template from Prof. Cindy Furse.


o EENG 899 Asynchronous Systems and Circuits
o EENG 786 Temporal Logic and Concurrent Processes
o EENG 695 VLSI Design
o EENG 795 Advanced Topics in VLSI

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