Information for Students Wanting to Join
Prof. Simpson's Computational Electrodynamics Lab

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Students interested in Prof. Simpson's Computational Electrodynamics Lab should send Prof. Simpson an email expressing their interest and including their resume / CV. This will ensure that Prof. Simpson will be aware of the application once it is made available to her Department by the University. Note that due to the high volume of emails from prospective students Prof. Simpson may not be able to respond to individual emails, but she does try to respond to each one.

Students wishing to join Prof. Simpson's lab as a Ph.D. student should typically have at least one first-author journal or conference publication, and should be highly motivated to become a future leader in computational electrodynamics or a related field.

Current and former students in Prof. Simpson's Computational Electrodynamics Research Lab have earned such awards as the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Pre-Doctoral and Doctoral Research Awards, the American Association of University Women Fellowship, and the National Consortium MASINT Research Scholarship. Graduates from her lab have accepted positions in industry and with the government such as at Intel Corporation, at Singapore's Institute of High Performance Computing, and in the National Nuclear Security Administration's Future Leaders Program.


See the information posted here: ECE Graduate Program


Prof. Simpson's Research Lab is located in the Merrill Engineering Building (MEB) at 50 S. Central Campus Dr., Salt Lake City. The nearest bus stops are number 2, 6 and 11. There are some supermarkets (Smith's at 455 S 500 E and 876 E 800 S, Sprouts Farmers Market at 216 S 700 E, and Harmons at 135 E 100 S) which are nearest to MEB that U of U students typically visit.

If you do not own a car, you may want to consider an apartment located between MEB and these supermarkets. An apartment near a train (TRAX) station is also a good choice, because there is a TRAX route to the Smith's, to the school's stadium and to the airport as well. You will just have to walk a few minutes to MEB, though. All students receive free public transportation using their student ID card.

You also can join the mailing list for the International Student Council (ISC) and post a message asking for a room that is available.
You can subscribe using the link below (isc is the list name):

Note that you can apply for on-campus housing, but you should request a room early, as rooms are filled quickly.

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