Teaching assistants (TAs) are needed for many ECE classes. Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. The TA application and selection process is supervised by Holly Cox. Please contact Holly at h.cox@utah.edu.

Teaching Assistant Application

Apply Here

The TA application for ECE courses for Fall 2021 is now open until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 25th.

Please submit your completed application within that timeframe. Under no circumstances will incomplete or late applications be considered. If you have specific questions regarding the application before you submit it, please contact h.cox@utah.edu. TA assignments will be made in August please do not contact the Department about your application and available positions until August.

TA assignments are made three times each year for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Students interested in a TA position should check the application for information on deadlines, courses that need TAs, and additional information.

Teaching Assistant Requirements

The following forms must be filed with the TA Coordinator, due within 3 days of notification of assignment:

  1. Review the Policy for Returning Homework, Lab Books and Exams policy.
  2. Review the Guidelines for Teaching Assistants (sexual harassment) policy.
  3. Review the Important Teaching Assignment & Tuition Benefit Information form.
  4. Filled out Declaration to Accept or Decline Subsidized Student Health Insurance form (see the Graduate School website for more information regarding this offer).
  5. Filled out payroll documents:
    1. W-4 (for first-time payroll submission) All non-resident Aliens (NRA) visitors need to contact the Tax Services’ office at 581-5414 to make an appointment to talk with Sara Emery. The appointment should take about 15 minutes. Read the information found on the web at www.tax.utah.edu before you meet with Sara. If you are eligible for a treaty exemption from taxes, you MUST have a social security number or taxpayer identification number. The SSN or TIN is mandatory information on the IRS paperwork.
    2. Personnel Information form.
    3. Emergency Information form.
    4. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form id completed online. Bring in the originals of the required documentation so they may be copied.
  6. International students will need to bring in their I-20, International work authorization letter, passport (with visa and I-94), and a receipt from the Social Security Administration to be copied for their first-time payroll documentation.

NOTE: FICA (Social Security) taxes: Full-time students who are employed by the University are exempt from FICA (Social Security) taxes and should file a form to this effect. Students who are funded as RAs and TAs during the summer must register for the minimum of 3 required hours in order to be eligible for FICA exemptions. This form is available from the Payroll office in 411 Park Building. A form must be filled each semester to keep the exemption in effect.