Requirements for Non-Accredited ECE Majors or a Degree from an Allied Field

A nonaccredited curriculum is generally not as complete in the mathematics area; therefore, it is required that applicants from nonaccredited schools fulfill the following requirements:

1. Complete the University of Utah ECE Dept required undergraduate math courses, including:

Course Number Credits Name/Description
Math 1210 4.0 Calculus I
Math 1220 4.0 Calculus II
Math 2210 3.0 Calculus III
Math 2250* 4.0 Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
Math 3150 2.0 Partial Differential Equations for Engineering Students
* A combination of Math 2270 and 2280 can be taken in place of Math 2250.

2. Satisfy the prerequisite graduate requirements. Students must demonstrate proficiency in three basic areas: Circuits and Electronics and either Electromagnetic Fields or Systems. Proficiency may be demonstrated by any combination of the following:

1. By completing, with a grade of B or better, a department class that covers the topic. Currently, the classes that satisfy each area are:

Area Accepted Courses
Circuits ECE 2240
Electronics ECE 2280 or 3110
Electromagnetic Fields ECE 3300
Systems ECE 3500 or 3510

2. By taking all of the regular exams (including the final) in one of the undergraduate classes listed above and completing the exams with an average grade of B or better.

3. By completing an advanced course in the area and receiving a grade of B or better. These courses may be used toward fulfillment of the graduate degree requirements if approved by the student’s supervisory committee. Advanced courses which qualify in each area are:

Area Accepted Courses
Circuits ECE 5710 or 5720
Electronics ECE 5201, 5202, 5710, or 5720
Electromagnetic Fields ECE 5320, 5324, or 6310
Systems ECE 5510, 5520, or 5530