If you are not yet a University of Utah student, you may apply to be an Electrical Engineering major while completing the online University of Utah application available through the following link:

Apply to the University of Utah

Current University of Utah students who wish to change their major to Electrical Engineering should instead apply using the EE major application form for current students.

If instead you wish to be a Computer Engineering major, you should get your information from the CE Program Website.

Direct Admission Requirements

Students meeting the following criteria can be directly admitted to the EE major:

  • High School GPA of 3.5 or higher; AND
  • Math ACT Score of at least 28 – OR – SAT Math Score of at least 630.

Students meeting the above criteria should designate their major as “Electrical Engineering” during the online application process. All other students should use the pre-major path described below.


Indirect Admission and the Pre-Major Process

Students who miss their chance for direct admission during their initial University of Utah application can instead become an EE major through a pre-major process.

Students should designate their major as: “Pre-Electrical Engineering.” Pre-majors will be eligible to enroll in all of the courses required to apply for major status.

To apply for major status, pre-major students must take the following courses and meet the following expectations:

Course Number Credits Description
ECE 1250 4 Electrical and Computer Engineering Design
Math 1210 or 1310 4.0 Calculus I or Engineering Calculus I
Math 1220 or 1320 4.0 Calculus II or Engineering Calculus II
Phys 2210 4.0 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I
Total: 16
* CS 2000 or 1410 4.0 Program Design in C or Object-Oriented Programming
* Recommended during 1st year, but not required for major admission

Admission expectations for the above courses

  • Students must earn a 2.8 GPA in the above classes.
  • ECE 1250 must be passed with a grade of C- or better.
  • Grades from transfer courses from other institutions will be counted the same as University of Utah courses for admission purposes only. Technical transfer classes with grades below C- and technology classes are not accepted in the Electrical Engineering program. Please see the section on “Acceptance of Transfer Classes” in the on-line undergraduate handbook for additional information regarding transfer courses.

Advising and Assistance

Prospective students with questions about the admissions process and course registration should contact our academic advisor.

Continuing Performance

Current students should be familiar with the Department’s policy on continuing performance. Students must maintain a 2.5 or higher cumulative U of U GPA and a 2.5 technical GPA (which beginning Fall 2010 will be calculated only from ECE courses and CS courses).

For complete information on the continuing performance policies, please consult the EE Major Handbook.