Teaching Assistant Application

Teaching assistants (TAs) are needed for many ECE classes.
Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.

Apply Here


– Please do not contact the department about your application and available positions until the deadlines posted.

– Please submit your completed application within that timeframe. Under no circumstances will incomplete or late applications be considered. If you have specific questions regarding the application before you submit it, please contact Amy.Verkler@utah.edu.

– TA assignments are made three times each year for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Students interested in a TA position should check the application for information on deadlines, courses that need TAs, and additional information.

Term Application Opens Priority Deadline Application Closes Offers made
Fall April 1st April 21st June 30th June 5th
Spring Oct 1st Oct 22nd Dec 1st Dec 1st
Summer* March 1st March 10th March 10th March 24th

Please note these dates are approximate and may change slightly from year to year if the day falls on a weekend.
*Very few courses are offered during the summer with a very limited amount of TAs required. TA positions should not be expected.

How to Qualify

1. Apply by posted deadlines

2. Completion of, or current enrollment in the appropriate ECE TA Training course

This course will vet TA candidates and prepare them for potential assignments by discussing topics such as the following:

ECE 5960-011 TA Training – Undergrad
ECE 6960-011 TA Training – MS
ECE 7951 Teaching Engineering – PhD

3. Complete hiring process, if selected

4. Read over and agree to TA Expectations

5. Additional requirements for international students

    • Meet spoken English proficiency requirements prior to being cleared for the role (TOEFL speaking 25+ / IELTS speaking 7.0+).
    • Complete ITAP – please contact the Graduate Student Coordinator to register

Process for New Hires

If you have been notified that you have received a TA position you will need to file the following forms with Holly Cox the  Administrative Manager within 3 days of notification of assignment:

NOTE: FICA (Social Security) taxes: Full-time students who are employed by the University are exempt from FICA (Social Security) taxes and should file a form to this effect. Students who are funded as RAs and TAs during the summer must register for a minimum of 3 required hours in order to be eligible for FICA exemptions. This form is available from the Payroll office at 411 Park Building. A form must be filled out each semester to keep the exemption in effect.

For any additional tax questions please reach out to the Financial Wellness Center (financialwellness@sa.utah.edu)

Department TA Expectations


  • TA’s are expected to arrive on time and be present for the duration of any labs to which they are assigned, as well as to their office hours.
  • Full-time class teaching assistants must hold at least 2 hours of office hours per week. TA’s are required to notify the department of their office hours and location, and to have the instructor post them for students


  • During the labs / office hours, they should actively ask students if they have any questions, taking care to take turns checking in with each student in attendance.
  • TA’s should grade assignments within one week of them being submitted by students, unless told otherwise by the instructor


  • TA’s that are unable to make it to their assigned commitments (lecture, lab hours, office hours, etc.) due to illness or other extenuating circumstances should contact their instructor immediately and, if possible, see if another TA can cover their commitments for them.


  • TA’s who miss several assigned commitments without proper notice to the instructor or fail to complete assigned tasks properly after multiple warnings may face:
    • a formal reprimand from the department
    • a payroll deduction
    • a recommendation to NOT be rehired
    • immediate termination with loss of pay and benefits