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Welcome! We are excited that you are interested in studying either Electrical or Computer Engineering at the University of Utah. Whether you are just starting your undergraduate degree or returning to higher education to complete your bachelor’s degree, our department will help you achieve your goals for the future.

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Application Deadlines


Nov. 1st


Mar. 1st


Apr. 1st


Incoming high school students can apply directly to the Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering program if they meet ALL the following requirements:

  • High School GPA of 3.6 or higher
  • Math ACT Score of at least 28 – OR – SAT Math Score of at least 630
  • Ready to enroll in Calculus I (MATH 1210 or MATH 1310)

Students meeting the above criteria should designate their major as Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering during the online application process. All other students should use the pre-major path described below. Students with AP credit may also be eligible for credit for some courses.

Learn more about direct admissions


If you do not qualify for direct admission, you can still become an electrical or computer engineering major through the pre-major process. By succeeding in some introductory math and ECE classes, you can show you are ready for full major status. Click below to learn more about the process.

Pre-Major Process:

1. Meet with a departmental advisor to declare a “Pre-Electrical Engineering” or “Pre-Computer Engineering” designation.

2. Enroll in and complete the following courses and requirements to apply for major status.

Math 1310/1210: Calculus I ECE 1240/1245/1050: Intro to Circuit Design + Labs
Minimum 2.8 GPA Math 1310/1210: Calculus I
Math 1320/1220: Calculus II
Phys 2210: Physics for Engineers I
CS 1400 + 1410 (or CS 1420): Intro to Computer Programming
CS 2420: Data Structures & Algorithms
WRTG 2010: Intermediate Writing
Pre-major GPA 3.0 or higher
Cumulative GPA 2.5 or higher

3. Meet with your advisor again and apply for major status.

Meet with an Advisor


Transfer students follow the same requirements as indirect admission. Instead of applying for major status, you would be applying for admission to the U. Remember applications are due during the term before you want to enroll at U. For more information about what classes transfer, visit our resource page for transfer students.

Transfer Student Portal


Visit the admissions frequently asked questions page for more information.

Admissions FAQ