Master's Degree Completion Options

The Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering has three options (coursework, project, and thesis) to match a student’s various career and professional goals. Students admitted to the M.S. Program must choose one option to complete for graduation.


The coursework option does not contain research or thesis requirements and instead fills the credit requirement with additional coursework. This track is ideal for students pursuing a Master’s degree for the advantage of enrolling in additional upper-level coursework.


The project option fulfills some credits for the degree requirement through a research project of the student’s own design. This track is ideal for students who want to perform an in-depth research project without writing and defending an entire thesis. READ MORE


The thesis option is the most traditional Master’s degree track in which a student will perform research, develop and write a thesis, and defend their ideas in a dissertation. This track is ideal for students wishing to continue for a Ph.D. degree.