The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Capstone

All ECE students must complete a senior project to meet graduation requirements.

Please email Jon Davies ( with any questions related to senior projects.

Students may complete the project requirements with participation in one of the following:

  1. The Engineering Clinic Program: industry-sponsored projects with funding/scholarships,
  2. A project typically in a team of 2 or more under the supervision of an ECE advisor.
  3. An individual research thesis under the supervision of an ECE advisor.

Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior students can register before the beginning of each semester to shadow projects in preparation for their senior year.  

Students will be working on their projects over two successive semesters in ECE 4900 and then ECE 4910.

The Engineering Clinic Program puts students in specially equipped laboratories to solve engineering challenges with industrial sponsors.

A “Clinic Team” has 4-5 students. Each student receives a $500 scholarship which is distributed in the Spring semester.  It is typically disbursed to the student’s account by the third week of the Spring semester.  Each team has a $3,000 discretionary budget with an option to request more under certain circumstances.

Students may choose to complete a project they design themselves. Typically, this project will be completed in a team of two or more students. The completion of this project must be supervised by an ECE faculty member.

Students may choose to complete an individual research thesis under the direction of a ECE faculty member. This option is primarily for students who are planning to pursue a graduate degree.

Students will complete design reviews and present their results as part of the senior project writing and presentation requirements.

These requirements apply to all of the three options above.

Senior Capstone Sponsors

We would like to sincerely thank all of our sponsors, without whom the Senior Capstone would not have been such a success.