Welcome from the Chair, Dr. Florian Solzbacher

This year has been a very busy and productive one. We have increased the number of faculty on staff, with another two outstanding faculty members joining us for the coming school year. We are very pleased at the work our faculty has been doing. This past year our faculty have received funding, contracts, and awards from such resources as the CIA, NSF, AFOSR, and DARPA.

Our faculty have been highlighted in several news and media outlets, including Wired magazine, CNET, IEEE Spectrum, Gizmag, Popular Science magazine, and the MIT News Office. We have had exposure worldwide in such outlets as The Engineer, London; Asian News International (ANI) via Newstrack, India; Compulenta, Russia; Pressetext, Germany; Geek.com, Brazil; and CNET Australia. Our faculty have been highlighted on television as well, including interviews on CNN and FOX13 news, where they spoke about their current research and shared insights on the future of their work.

Because of our recent push in student recruiting, this year we had the highest number of students enrolled in our program in five years. These students have shown outstanding ability, which they demonstrated recently at this year’s Technical Open House. Several graduates have already secured positions at various engineering companies. Although we are proud of our achievements, we know that a large part of the credit goes to our alumni, donors, and friends. Thank you for your continual support and your incredible commitment to higher education in Utah.

The most exciting years are ahead of us and I look forward to sharing these developments with you. Let’s do this together!

Florian Solzbacher