ECE Student Feedback

The following form will be used to navigate student concerns and feedback for the ECE department throughout each semester. These forms are reviewed by one of the following people.

If your complaint or suggestion is regarding one of the people listed here, another member of the team will manage your case.

John Bolke, ECE Graduate Advisor

Maddie Porter, CE Undergraduate

Brandon Riddle, EE Undergraduate

Advisor Angela Rasmussen, Director of Advising and Mentoring

David Schurig, Chair of the ECE Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

If we feel your concerns need to be heard by higher level leadership, we may escalate the issue to our Department Chair or Associate Chairs.

Additional ways to provide feedback or report incidents:

ECE Undergraduate Advising Feedback Survey (anonymous)
Semester Course Feedback Surveys (anonymous, end of semester, emailed to students directly)
Report a Bias Incident
Report Discrimination, Harassment, or Sexual Misconduct

Student Feedback Form

ECE Student Feedback
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