How to Transfer Graduate Credits


Up to 6 semester hours of transfer credit may be applied toward graduate degree requirements if they:

    • Are approved for transfer by the University of Utah ECE department (see instructions below)
    • Were graduate level coursework (5000- level or higher)
    • Were a B grade or higher (“credit only” grades are unacceptable)
    • Were taken no more than 3 years prior to approval
    • Were NOT applied towards a student’s undergraduate or previous graduate degree requirement.
      • This includes credit from the University of Utah if it was previously used for a degree at another institution.

Please Note: Up to 12 credits for BS/MS students may be transferred and applied as long as the BS degree has not been applied for/conferred.


Please upload the following documents to the Engineering Progress Tracker or send them to the Graduate Student Coordinator:

    1. Official Course Description / Syllabus ** for courses not listed in the Course Comparison Chart (see above)
    2. Transcript**
    3. Appropriate request form filled out – the Graduate Student Coordinator will collect the approval signatures form the department

**International documents must be translated into English prior to submission.