Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Courses

Area of Emphasis Course Numbering System

X2xx = Solid State, MEMS
X3xx = Electromagnetics
X4xx = Optics, Optoelectronics
X5xx = Signal Processing, Communication
X6xx = Power, Control,  Robotics
X7xx / X8xx = Computer Engineering, VLSI System Design, Circuits & Systems
X9xx = New Courses (for all areas), Seminars, Project, and Thesis credits

These lists are provided as a guide to our course offerings. They do not guarantee that any class will be offered as semester offerings are subject to change at any time based on instructor and enrollment. You can view current course offerings for upcoming semesters by viewing the University of Utah General Catalog & Class Schedules for the appropriate semester.

Although these courses are not from the ECE department, they are offered for students who are interested in business but do not want the time-commitment of a full MBA degree. Read more about the Engineering Entrepreneurship Certificate benefits and requirements

ENGIN 6020 – Emerging Tech & Engineering Entrepreneurship – Fall (3.0)
ENGIN 6030 – Patent Law & Strategy – Spring (3.0)
ENGIN 6790 – The Business of Entrepreneurship – Spring (3.0)
ENGIN 6791 – Launching Tech Ventures – Fall (3.0)
ENGIN 6960 – Writing and Communications – Varies (3.0)

Online, register for the 090 Section. Some courses are offered via Interactive Video Class (IVC) which can also be used for the online program. Courses such as ECE 6950 Special Study and ECE 6970/7970 Thesis Research require graduate advisor approval before registering.

ECE 5201 Phys of Nano-Elec. DevicesFallIVC
ECE 5510 Random ProcessFallOnline
ECE 5520 Digital Communication Systems.SpringIVC
ECE 5620 Power Systems AnalysisSpringOnline
ECE 5961 Special TopicsSpring, PeriodicOnline
ECE 6310 Advanced EM FieldsSpringOnline
ECE 6324 Antenna TheorySpringOnline
ECE 6331 Optics for EnergyFallOnline
ECE 6340 Comp. EM w/ Code WritingSpringOnline
ECE 6520 Information TheorySpringOnline
ECE 6530 Digital Signal ProcessingFallOnline
ECE 6590 Software RadioFallOnline
ECE 6630 Power System EconomicsSpringIVC
ECE 6670 Control Electric MotorsSpringOnline
ECE 6671 Electric GeneratorsFallOnline
ECE 6710 Digital VLSI DesignFallIVC
ECE 6720 Fundamentals of Analog IC DesignFallIVC
ECE 6950 Special Study (MS Project Credits)Spring, Summer, FallOnline
ECE 6960 Special Topics: Lean CanvasSpringOnline
ECE 6960 Special Topics: Neural Data Analysis and ModelingFallOnline
ECE 6970 Thesis Research Spring, Summer, FallOnline
Where a course has both a 5000- and 6000-level number, the 5000- level version is intended for undergraduates and the 6000- level version for honors and graduate students. A course taken for 5000- level credit cannot be taken again for 6000- level credit. 5000- level courses cross-listed at the 6000- level are indicated with an asterisk (*)
ECE 5074Photovoltaic Materials & Solar Cells*Fall
ECE 5201Physics of Nano-Electronics and Related DevicesFall (odd years in-person)
Fall (even years online)
ECE 5221Fundamentals of Micromachining Processes*Spring (odd years)
ECE 5225Microsystems Design and Characterization*Spring
ECE 5231 Microsensors*Fall
ECE 5233Micro Actuators*Spring
ECE 5250Introduction to Quantum Computers*Spring
ECE 5255Advanced Electron Microscopy for SemiconductorsFall
ECE 5310Advanced Electromagnetic Fields*
ECE 5320Microwave Engineering I*Fall
ECE 5321 Microwave Engineering II*Spring (odd years)
ECE 5324Antenna Theory and Design*Spring
ECE 5325Wireless Communication Systems*Spring (odd years)
ECE 5330Medical Instrumentation*Fall (odd years)
ECE 5331Optics for Energy*Fall
ECE 5340Applied Computational Electromagnetics with Self-Written Codes*Spring
ECE 5350Applied Computational Electromagnetics with Commercial Solvers*Fall
ECE 5360Bioinstrumentation*Fall
ECE 5410Optics I: Geometrical & Physical OpticsFall
ECE 5411Optical Communication SystemsSpring (even years)
ECE 5412Optics II: Optoelectronics
ECE 5480Diagnostic and Therapeutic UltrasoundFall (odd years)
ECE 5510Random ProcessesFall
ECE 5520Digital Communication SystemsSpring
ECE 5530Digital Signal Processing*Spring
ECE 5610Power Electronics FundamentalsFall
ECE 5620Power Systems AnalysisSpring
ECE 5625Power System Protection*Fall (even years)
ECE 5630Power System EconomicsFall
ECE 5640Power System Security Analysis*Spring
ECE 5650Robotics*Spring
ECE 5670Control of Electric Motors*Spring
ECE 5671Electric Generators*Fall
ECE 5680Electrical Forensic Engineering and Failure*Fall (odd years)
ECE 5710Digital VLSI Design*Fall
ECE 5720Fundamentals of Analog Integrated Circuit Design*Fall
ECE 5735Data Converter Circuits & Systems*
ECE 5740Computer-Aided Design of Digital Circuits*Spring (odd years)
ECE 5745Testing and Verification of Digital Circuits*Fall (even years)
ECE 5755Relative Timed Asynchronous Circuit Design*Fall
ECE 5780 Embedded System Design*Spring
ECE 5960Special Topics: Convex OptimizationSpring? / Fall?
ECE 5960Power and Energy System: Economics and OperationFall
ECE 5960Special Topics: Power Systems Operation and PlanningSpring
ECE 5960Special Topics: Computational PhotographySpring
ECE 5960Special Topics: Neural Engineering and NeuroRobotics*Fall
ECE 5960Special Topics: Linear SystemsFall, Spring
ECE 5960TA TrainingFall
ECE 5961Special Topics*
ECE 5962Special Topics*
ECE 6020Emerging Technologies and Engineering Entrepreneurship
ECE 6030Patent Law and Strategy
ECE 6074Photovoltaic Materials & Solar CellsFall
ECE 6221Fundamentals of Micromachining ProcessesSpring (odd years)
ECE 6225Microsystems Design and CharacterizationSpring
ECE 6226Electrical Interface for MEMSFall (odd years)
ECE 6231MicrosensorsFall
ECE 6233Micro ActuatorsSpring
ECE 6235Nano-Electro Mechanical SystemSpring (odd years)
ECE 6250Introduction to Quantum ComputersSpring
ECE 6255eMicroscopy for Semiconductor Materials and DevicesFall
ECE 6261Physical Theory of Semiconductor DevicesFall
ECE 6273Solid State Memory DevicesFall
ECE 6310Advanced Electromagnetic FieldsSpring (odd years)
ECE 6322Microwave Engineering IFall
ECE 6323Microwave Engineering IISpring (odd years)
ECE 6324Antenna Theory and DesignSpring
ECE 6325Wireless Communication SystemsSpring (odd years)
ECE 6330Medical InstrumentationFall (odd years)
ECE 6331Optics for EnergyFall
ECE 6340Applied Computational Electromagnetics with Self-Written CodesSpring
ECE 6350Applied Computational Electromagnetics with Commercial SolversFall
ECE 6360BioinstrumentationFall
ECE 6420Fourier Optics and HolographySpring (every 3 years after 2022)
ECE 6440 Integrated Optics and Optical SensorsFall (odd years)
ECE 6501Medical Imaging Systems
ECE 6520Information TheorySpring (odd years)
ECE 6521Error Control CodingSpring (every 3 years after 2022)
ECE 6530Digital Signal ProcessingSpring
ECE 6532Digital Image ProcessingFall, Spring
ECE 6540Estimation TheorySpring (odd years)**
ECE 6550Adaptive FiltersFall (even years)
ECE 6570Adaptive ControlFall, Spring
ECE 6590Software RadioFall (odd years)
ECE 6625Power System ProtectionFall (even years)
ECE 6630Power System EconomicsFall
ECE 6640Power System Security AnalysisSpring
ECE 6650RoboticsSpring
ECE 6651Introduction to Robot ControlFall
ECE 6652State Space Control
ECE 6654Neural Engineering and NeuroRoboticsFall
ECE 6657Computer Vision
ECE 6670Control of Electric MotorsSpring
ECE 6671Electric GeneratorsFall
ECE 6680Electrical Forensic Engineering and Failure AnalysisFall (odd years)
ECE 6710Digital VLSI DesignFall
ECE 6712Digital IC Projects Testing
ECE 6720 Fundamentals of Analog Integrated Circuit DesignFall
ECE 6725Advanced Analog Integrated Circuit DesignSpring (even years)
ECE 6730Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit DesignFall (even years) ?
ECE 6735Data Converter Circuits & SystemsFall
ECE 6740Computer-Aided Design of Digital CircuitsSpring (odd years)
ECE 6745Testing and Verification of Digital CircuitsFall (even years)
ECE 6750Synthesis and Verification of Asynchronous VLSI Systems
ECE 6755Relative Timed Asynchronous Circuit DesignFall
ECE 6760Modeling and Analysis of Biological Networks
ECE 6770Advanced Digital VLSI Systems Design
ECE 6775Advanced VLSI Memory Design
ECE 6780Embedded System DesignSpring
ECE 6810Computer ArchitectureFall
ECE 6868Robotics Graduate Student SeminarSpring, Fall
ECE 6900Graduate Seminar IFall
ECE 6910Graduate Seminar IISpring
ECE 6950Special Study: M.S.Spring, Summer, Fall
ECE 6960Special TopicsVarious
ECE 6961Special Topics: Fundamentals of Wireless CommunicationsSpring, Periodic
ECE 6962Special Topics
ECE 6970Thesis Research: Master’sSpring, Summer, Fall
ECE 7310Advanced Topics in Magnetic Resonance ImagingSpring
ECE 73203-D Reconstruction Techniques in Medical ImagingFall
ECE 7810Advanced Computer Architecture
ECE 7900Graduate Seminar IIIFall
ECE 7910Graduate Seminar IVSpring
ECE 7950Special Studies: Ph.D.Spring, Summer, Fall
ECE 7951Teaching MentorshipSpring, Fall
ECE 7952Education Project
ECE 7960Special TopicsSpring, Summer, Fall
ECE 7970Thesis Research: Ph.D.Spring, Summer, Fall