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In consultation with your Work Supervisor, plan out your duties for the summer including: the main project(s) for which you will be responsible during the internship's 13 weeks. Using this plan as a guidelines, identify four learning objectives representing quantifiable learning outcomes that will come about as your work on these project(s).These objectives should be achievable, task-oriented goals that relate your job to your career and your education. The four learning objectives MUST reflect new learning and new responsibility related to your career goals.Examples:I will experience the project life cycle (from requirements analysis to deployment/maintenance) and learn about real world issues by doing [job] for [project name].I will develop documentation or a user manual for [new program/system/project]. This will involve technical writing and user surveys/interactions.I will be involved in helping create a comprehensive suite of unit tests for [system/project/etc].I will create a new feature to [what does it do], along with unit tests, for project [name].
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