Thanks to the biannual Engineering Club Rush event, engineering students can learn about the University of Utah chapter of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and realize it’s not just a niche engineering organization.

The ANS chapter at the U welcomes all engineering students, and it’s at the club rush that the local organization can show off the benefits of joining.

“Nuclear engineering is a small world,” said U chapter president Samantha Winkle. “So the more you can meet people in the industry the better off you are.”

The newest Engineering Club Rush, which also is held in the fall, will be Thursday, Jan. 21, in the WEB Catmull Gallery from noon to 3 p.m. The event is open to all engineering students interested in joining a club, and food will be provided.

More than 10 clubs will be represented at this year’s club rush, including the Society of Women Engineers; the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers; the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers; and the Science, Technology, and Engineering Program. For information, go to

During the event, students can discuss the benefits of joining, learn about upcoming events, and discover what is required to join a particular club.

“Being part of a student club offers students great networking opportunities,” said Amanda May, retention coordinator for the U’s College of Engineering and organizer of the event. “Students have the ability to not only network with their fellow students, but also with people for industry. Student clubs also offer different leadership opportunities that are a great way to build resumes.”

Winkle said the ANS chapter not only conducts social events but it also organizes tours and networking opportunities with engineering firms. Thanks to the club rush, her group has been able to boost membership, she added.

“We have members from all areas of engineering, but students sometimes don’t know we exist,” she said. “So for us, club rush works out well. It’s beneficial because we reach a wide engineering audience, especially with incoming freshmen.”