Flying cars and drone delivery are technologically imminent. Regulations around the use of autonomous air vehicles span a complex multi‐domain set of regulatory entities and authorities. In the US this includes at the federal level the FAA, FBI, FCC, DHS, DoD. At the state and local level, police, transportation authorities, city policies, and local zoning and use regulations come into play. Industry success requires safe navigation of the complexities of both the physical airspace and the regulatory landscape.  RSVP for the Utah RF and Wireless Day meeting Nov. 10 from 12‐1pm via Zoom.   

Utah State Legislator, Rep. Adam Robertson, is a devoted husband and the proud father of 8 children. He is the co‐founder and CTO of Fortem Technologies, where he led the early development of the groundbreaking TrueView radar and DroneHunter products. His technical areas of expertise include millimeter-wave electronics, compound semiconductors, radar systems for drones, and avionics. His business areas of expertise include contract law, intellectual property, negotiation, international export, strategy, business development, and raising capital. He holds an MSEE and MBA from BYU and is the inventor on multiple patents. Mr. Robertson currently serves in the community as an elected official in the Utah House of Representatives, on the Board of the Provo City Airport, and as a High School mountain biking coach.

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