The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is delighted to announce the December 2023 reinvigoration of the Gamma Sigma chapter of the IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) at the University of Utah. IEEE-HKN is the electrical and computer engineering honor society, which extends invitations to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and leadership potential.

The History of IEEE-HKN

IEEE-HKN chapter, January 1958

IEEE-HKN was founded at the University of Utah on May 11, 1905 as the E.E. Honor Society. On January 16, 1958, it was installed as the Utah chapter of Eta Kappa Nu to “[honor] those who manifest exceptional interest and marked ability in electrical engineering” (1957–58 Utonian).

The reinvigoration of the IEEE-HKN Gamma Sigma chapter seeks to increase the chapter’s presence at the U.

The Gamma Sigma Chapter

Within the ranks of IEEE-HKN, the Gamma Sigma chapter is designed to create a community of students who share a passion for electrical engineering and technology. Members of the Gamma Sigma chapter will have opportunities to organize events, mentor other students, and work directly with the local community. According to newly inducted Gamma Sigma president Kyle Torson, “Joining the IEEE-HKN Gamma Sigma chapter is a remarkable way for engineering students to acquire valuable experience, network with industry professionals, and enhance their overall resumes.”

With the reinvigoration of the Gamma Sigma chapter, four new inductees have agreed to be re-inaugural chapter officers: President Kyle Torson, Vice President Nick Brown, Secretary Faith Sampley, and Treasurer Nate Hansen.

Nate Hansen, Nicholas Brown, Faith Sampley, Kyle Torson, and faculty advisor Marc Bodson, January 2024

As the Gamma Sigma chapter begins anew at the University of Utah, its four inductees look to the future with optimism. They plan to expand and establish the Gamma Sigma chapter among high-achieving junior and senior engineering students. However, the chapter isn’t limited to the ECE department: graduate students interested in joining or undergraduate students with queries may contact the chapter directly.

To contact the Gamma Sigma chapter, email or

Written by Marlee Jeppsen.