Yi Zhou

  • Phone: 801-581-5917
  • Email: yi.zhou@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 3102

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, mathematical programming, deep learning theory, stochastic and nonconvex optimization, reinforcement learning, distributed machine learning system, statistical signal processing

Cunxi Yu

  • Phone: 801-581-8282
  • Email: cunxi.yu@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2126

Formal methods, design automation, AI/ML, Novel algorithms, design methodologies, and automation systems for computing and security

Yu Xiang

  • Phone: 801-587-5223
  • Email: yu.xiang@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 3104

Statistical signal processing and information theory

Benjamin Sanchez

  • Phone: 801-585-9535
  • Email: benjamin.sanchez@utah.edu
  • Office: SMBB 3721

Interfacing between electromagnetics and medicine- computer simulation pictures

Daniel Reed

High-performance computing, computational science, cloud computing, and science and technology policy

Mingxi Liu

  • Phone: 801-585-5953
  • Email: mingxi.liu@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2250

Power and control systems: control and optimization theories and their applications in power and energy systems

Tsung-Wei Huang

  • Phone: 801-585-9906
  • Email: tsung-wei.huang@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2124

Software systems, parallel processing, design automation: developing large-scale and resilient software systems with a specific focus on parallel processing, programming models, VLSI design automation, and machine learning

Weilu Gao

  • Phone: 801-581-7054
  • Email: weilu.gao@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2122

Chris Myers

Asynchronous circuit design, formal verification of analog/mixed signal circuits and cyber-physical systems, and modeling, analysis, and design of genetic circuits

Rajesh Menon

  • Phone: 801-585-1058
  • Email: rmenon@eng.utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2256

Optics and nanotechnology: absorbance modulation optical lithography, patterning via optical saturable transitions, optical nanoscopy, and ultra-high frequency solar energy via a nanostructured polychromatic concentrator