Rajesh Menon

  • Phone: 801-585-1058
  • Email: rmenon@eng.utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2256

Optics and nanotechnology: absorbance modulation optical lithography, patterning via optical saturable transitions, optical nanoscopy, and ultra-high frequency solar energy via a nanostructured polychromatic concentrator

Darrin Young

  • Phone: 801-581-6512
  • Email: darrin.young@utah.edu
  • Office: SMBB 3741

Low-power integrated circuits design coupled with MEMS-based sensing systems for wearable sensing, biomedical implant, environmental sensing, power transfer, RF communication, and general industrial sensing applications

Tolga Tasdizen

  • Phone: 801-581-3539
  • Email: tasdizen@ece.utah.edu
  • Office: WEB 4893

Image processing and pattern recognition, specifically: geometry-based and statistics-based methods for image filtering, segmentation and feature extraction using high-order partial differential equations for image and surface reconstruction; applying these methods to problems in biomedical imaging, particularly neural circuit reconstruction from very large-scale microscopy image datasets

Armin Tajalli

  • Phone: 801-581-4840
  • Email: armin.tajalli@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2224

Integrated wireline and wireless systems, energy-efficient integrated systems, high-speed wireline systems, RF circuits, data converters, phase-locked loops and frequency synthesisers, analog integrated circuits, extremely low power integrated systems

Florian Solzbacher

  • Phone: 801-581-6942
  • Email: florian.solzbacher@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2110C

Harsh Environment MEMS, including: materials (SiC (on Si), SOI, GaN), metallisation systems for high temperatures and aggressive ambient conditions, and silicon fusion bonding and packaging issues

David Schurig

  • Email: david.schurig@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2274

Metamaterials: Design, analysis and fabrication of metamaterials in frequency ranges from megahertz to petahertz. Transformation design of devices implementable with metamaterials. Applications include: remote sensing, near-field imaging, biological imaging, implantable devices, electro-mechanical devices and invisibility cloaking.

Mike Scarpulla

  • Phone: 801-585-1231
  • Email: scarpulla@eng.utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2138

Semiconductors and photovoltaics: earth-abundant, benign compound semiconductors for thin film photovoltaics such as Cu2ZnSnS4. Other sulfide semiconductors for PV, light management for thin film PV, CIGS, laser processing of semiconductors, and the physics of semiconductor alloys and transition metal and rare earth additions to semiconductors.

Masood Parvania

  • Phone: 801-585-0030
  • Email: masood.parvania@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2222

Operation and planning of cyber-physical power and energy systems, with emphasis on the modeling and integration of distributed energy resources, as well as sustainable renewable energy integration

John Palmer

  • Phone: 801-581-7350
  • Email: john.a.palmer@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2130

Power System Protection: cause and origin analysis of electrical accidents, electrical equipment failures, electrical fires, structural fires, vehicle fires, and explosions

Neda Nategh

  • Phone: 801-213-3675
  • Email: neda.nategh@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2220

Visual computation and computational vision: Research in our lab employs an interdisciplinary approach to understand the real-time, robust, and efficient visual computations performed by our natural vision and to translate this knowledge into computational vision frameworks for machine vision applications, artificial vision solutions, and imaging systems.