Yi Zhou

  • Phone: 801-581-5917
  • Email: yi.zhou@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 3102

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, mathematical programming, deep learning theory, stochastic and nonconvex optimization, reinforcement learning, distributed machine learning system, statistical signal processing

Yu Xiang

  • Phone: 801-587-5223
  • Email: yu.xiang@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 3104

Statistical signal processing, information theory, and machine learning: learning under distribution shifts, representation learning, recourse-constrained distributed signal processing

Tolga Tasdizen

  • Phone: 801-581-3539
  • Email: tasdizen@ece.utah.edu
  • Office: WEB 4893

Image processing and pattern recognition, specifically: geometry-based and statistics-based methods for image filtering, segmentation and feature extraction using high-order partial differential equations for image and surface reconstruction; applying these methods to problems in biomedical imaging, particularly neural circuit reconstruction from very large-scale microscopy image datasets

Neda Nategh

  • Phone: 801-213-3675
  • Email: neda.nategh@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2220

Visual computation and computational vision: Research in our lab employs an interdisciplinary approach to understand the real-time, robust, and efficient visual computations performed by our natural vision and to translate this knowledge into computational vision frameworks for machine vision applications, artificial vision solutions, and imaging systems.

Mingyue Ji

  • Phone: 801-587-7255
  • Email: mingyue.ji@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 3108

Information theory, communications, signal processing, storage, distributed computing, fundamental limits, code design and algorithms of caching networks with various structures, channel models and communication schemes. Distributed storage for big data and interaction between distributed (cloud) storage and content delivery networks. Fundamental theory and algorithms of distributed computing for big data

Behrouz Farhang

  • Phone: 801-587-7959
  • Email: farhang@ece.utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 3240

Filter bank multicarrier communications for underwater acoustic channels, cognitive radios, and multiple access networks; detection algorithms for MIMO and OFDM; implementations on hardware platforms.

Rong Rong Chen

  • Phone: 801-585-7367
  • Email: rchen@ece.utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 3106

Signal processing and communication systems: efficient utilization of multiple antennas for high-rate communications in wireless networks, statistical detection methods for underwater acoustic communications, and other fields related to communication systems and statistical signal processing.