ECE 6900/7900 Graduate Seminar

Fall Semester 2019

Instructor: Prof. Steve Blair,
Location: WEB L102

Meeting Time: Mondays at 3:05-3:55 p.m. (with some occasional Fridays)

General Course Information and Requirements

  1. ECE 6900/10 are credit/no credit classes required of all M.S./M.E./Ph.D. students. Ph.D. students must register for ECE 7900/10 after having previously taken ECE 6900/10.
  2. The seminar schedule will be posted on Canvas and the ECE calendar. Most of the seminars have yet to be announced – speakers and topics of the seminars will be announced as the information becomes available.
  3. To receive credit for this class, you must attend at least 9 of the seminars offered, of which there will be at least 12, not counting the first day.
  4. Seminar attendance will be recorded prior to class start by showing your UCard to the course TA. There will be a 5 minute grace period; beyond that, you may as well go back to the lab. Once you’re in the classroom, you are expected to stay there during the seminar.
  5. Attendance doesn’t mean just showing up and holding conversations with your friends. Please remember to silence your gadgets. If you are disrupting class, making it difficult for others to listen to the speaker, showing disrespect for the speaker, etc., then the first offense will be revocation of attendance for that day. The second offense will be failure for the course. Yes, I’m addressing those of you who sit in the very back.
  6. The other requirement, in addition to attendance, is a well-written, minimum 3-page report on the topic of any of the seminars, excluding the first day. Content of the report should be based on the seminar, but you must also research additional external sources (i.e. not attributed to the speaker) to provide more context. Since this is the easiest credit you’re ever going to get, cheating will be dealt with mercilessly.
  7. Reports should be uploaded to Canvas on the day corresponding to the seminar you chose, within two weeks of that seminar date. The report must be in the IEEE Magnetics Letters format. No other format will be accepted. To receive credit, reports should be written in proper, idiomatic English. If you need assistance, there is writing help available through student services. There is also a new writing class offered specifically to help graduate students – ENGIN 6960.
  8. Seminars excluded from reports for this semester will be Monday, August 21st, 2023. Other seminar dates may be listed at a later time.

 No other format will be accepted. To receive credit, reports should be written in good, idiomatic English.


Seminar Schedule