In the last 5 years, ECE faculty members have launched a number of startup companies.

Advanced Signal Technologies

Behrouz Farhang

Athletic Wireless Performance, LLC

Massood Tabib-Azar

Axon Optics

Website – Steve Blair
Axon Optics was started to develop and commercialize ophthalmic lenses that reduce the symptoms of light sensitivity associated with migraine and other neurological conditions. Axon’s products are based upon the latest research on the physiological pathways of photophobia and photoallodynia.

Blackrock Neuromed

Website – Florian Solzbacher

Blackrock Microsystems

Website – Florian Solzbacher
Founded in May 2008 in Utah, the company draws on a legacy of high tech innovation that began with Bionic Technologies, a spin-off from the University of Utah in 1997. The company started by Brian Hatt and Prof. Richard A. Normann – also the inventor of the Utah Electrode Array – was later taken over by Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems Inc (CKI). Having taken major strides in applying the technology to the human body, the research business of CKI was then acquired by Blackrock Microsystems LLC.


Website – Richard Brown
e-SENS is disrupting the aqueous chemical sensing field by employing solid-state semiconductor technology to bring to market multi-parameter chemical sensing instruments that leverage patented electrochemical technologies. e-SENS “lab-on-a-chip” products enable fast, simple, accurate, quantitative and multi-parameter profiling of potable water and dramatically reduce the time, cost and inaccuracy associated with legacy single parameter titrimetric and colorimetric chemical sensing approaches.

Granite Mountain Technology

Website – Ken Stevens
GMT provides horizontal IC solutions across the complete semiconductor marketplace for multi-synchronous ICs. Next generation flows employ relative timing technology which allows seamless integration of multiple timing domains into a single design. This approach provides an average 3X reduction in energy usage, along with substantial additional improvements in performance, area, and noise. Employing GMT multi-synchronous technology through implementation services or partnerships can give your company a substantial competitive advantage. Our solutions scale from conservative half micron mixed signal designs to high performance designs employing the leading edge 32nm process technologies, and will scale well beyond the 2020 technology nodes.

Greina Technologies

Website – Thomas Schmid
Next Generation Localization and RF Systems

LiveWire Innovation

Website – Cynthia Furse
By combining spread spectrum with TDR technology, LiveWire Innovation has achieved a significant breakthrough in being able to monitor real-time changes in live electrical circuits and steel structures embedded in concrete.


Carlos Mastrangelo


Website – Rajesh Menon

PLC Diagnostics, Inc.

Website – Douglas A. Christensen


Carlos Mastrangelo

Utah Wireless Health Systems, LLC

Massood Tabib-Azar


Website – Neal Patwari

As the term “tandem” refers to any group of persons or objects harnessed together for power, “Xandem” is tandem – high tech. At the cutting edge of science, this powerful and cost-effective technology can detect people through walls, obstructions, and in other difficult environments. The uses are endless.



Tetrad Sensor Solutions

Website– Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

Tetrad Sensor Network Solutions, LLC provides low-cost, high-quality, customizable air-quality sensing solutions for homeowners and professional users. We are a small privately held company headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT that grew out of a partnership between Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon and Dr. Kerry Kelly at The University of Utah. Dr. Gaillardon, an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, brings expertise in sensor design and embedded systems, and Dr. Kelly, an Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering, brings expertise in air quality measurements and sensor calibration in real-world environments. Our original work began with funding from the National Science Foundation.



Website– Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

ReRouting LLC provides energy-efficient, high performance, customizable FPGA solutions based on RRAM technology.