Graduate Robotics

The University of Utah is world-famous for the robotic systems it has produced, including manipulators such as the Utah/MIT Dextrous Hand, humanoid robots such as DB2, entertainment robots such as Jurassic Park the Ride dinosaurs, virtual reality systems such as the Sarcos Biport, and thought-controlled bionic arms such as the LUKE Arm. Faculty expertise is especially strong in the design of novel robot systems, including rehabilitation robotics, surgical robots, micro robots, aerial vehicles, precision positioning, and bio-inspired locomoting mechanisms, actuators, and sensors. As part of our Robotics track, you can also take classes offered jointly with Mechanical Engineering and the School of Computing.

Robotics Faculty and Research

Suggested Courses and Program of Study

The following is a suggested Program of Study for a full-time Electrical Engineering graduate student pursuing an MS degree with a Graduate Robotics Certificate. It is not required that students follow this course schedule, but it can used as a guide for planning out their graduate studies.

This Program of Study meets the requirements for the Coursework option and can easily be modified to meet the Project option. Students who wish to complete the Thesis option will need to take 10+ credit hours of ECE 6970 Thesis Research are recommended to meet with the Graduate Student Coordinator to create their academic plan.

As long as the MS degree requirements are met, any 5000-level or above ECE or allied (Math, Physics, CS, or other Engineering) courses may be substituted.

Non-Thesis Supervisory Committee

Daniel Drew

Design of autonomous millimeter-scale robots, including MEMS microactuators, mesoscale manufacturing techniques, and electronic system integration.

Marc Bodson

Modeling, identification, and control, with applications to aerospace and electromechanical systems

Jacob George

Brain-computer interfaces, rehabilitation robotics, neural engineering, bioinspired artificial intelligence, intelligent prostheses and exoskeletons

Industry Partners