Graduate Circuits and Systems

The University of Utah has a very strong program in electronic circuits design at both integrated chip level as well as PC board level. Electronic circuits enable a wide variety of applications including smart phones, AI and machine learning, biomedical systems, wireless communication, health care, environmental monitoring, etc. We have faculty who design and build circuits in all above areas and beyond. Our cutting-edge curriculum offers advanced courses covering analog IC design, RF IC design, data converters design, and high-speed communication circuits and systems design. The program prepares students with deep understanding and hands-on design and testing skills that will enable them to enter the global competitive job market.

Circuits & Systems Faculty and Research

Suggested Courses and Program of Study

The following is a suggested Program of Study for a full-time Electrical Engineering graduate student pursuing an MS degree with an emphasis in Circuits & Systems. It is not required that students follow this course schedule, but it can used as a guide for planning out their graduate studies.

This Program of Study meets the requirements for the Coursework option and can easily be modified to meet the Project option. Students who wish to complete the Thesis option will need to take 10+ credit hours of ECE 6970 Thesis Research are recommended to meet with the Graduate Student Coordinator to create their academic plan.

As long as the MS degree requirements are met, any 5000-level or above ECE or allied (Math, Physics, CS, or other Engineering) courses may be substituted.

Coursework Supervisory Committee

Darrin Young

Low-power integrated circuits design coupled with MEMS-based sensing systems for wearable sensing, biomedical implant, environmental sensing, power transfer, RF communication, and general industrial sensing applications

Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

Development of reconfigurable logic architectures and digital circuits exploiting emerging device technologies and novel EDA techniques.

Armin Tajalli

Integrated wireline and wireless systems, energy-efficient integrated systems, high-speed wireline systems, RF circuits, data converters, phase-locked loops and frequency synthesisers, analog integrated circuits, extremely low power integrated systems

Industry Partners