Combined Bachelor/Master Degree Program

Admission Criteria

– Currently enrolled in at least 12 credits as a full-time student and enrolled as a B.S. major in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering degree
– Students must be citizens of the United States or Legal Permanent Residents. International students are not eligible to participate in the BS/MS program.
– Completion of Junior Seminar (ECE 3900 for EE students, CS 3991 or ECE 3991 for CE students)
– Minimum cumulative University of Utah GPA of 3.30 or higher
– Transfer students must complete at least 24 credit hours as degree-seeking students with a 3.30 cumulative GPA at the University of Utah before admission can be offered to the BS/MS program

If students meet these requirements, they are invited to participate in the BS/MS program. If you meet the requirements and have not received an invitation, please contact the Graduate Coordinator, John Bolke.
Note: We do not make exceptions to the minimum GPA requirement.


Upon reaching graduate level, students are admitted to the Master of Science Coursework Option but may transfer to the Master of Science Thesis or Project Option upon the approval of their Supervisory Committee Chair.  A recommendation letter from their intended research advisor is required.