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Project: Electromagnetic Launcher

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Lab 1 – Electromagnetic Launcher

In this project, you will construct and test an EM launcher similar in many respects to the coil guns described above; but to avoid the time, expense, and danger involved in constructing a device to launch larger projectiles, yours will be a miniature coil gun consisting of one small coil, and the projectile will be a short (3-4 mm) segment of wire from a standard paper clip.

Because the magnetic forces on the projectile would force it to the center of the coil if a steady current were applied, you will need to design a circuit to produce a short current pulse and, to get sufficient force for launching, the current must be high. Therefore you will also design a circuit to discharge a capacitor into a coil to produce a short, high-current pulse. This project is but one example of many ways in which voltage and current pulses are employed in a variety of devices.

Lab 2: Design of a Myogram Circuit

Lab 2 materials are under construction.