Sponsor the Engineering Clinic Program


The guidelines for sponsoring a clinic are available in PDF format: Clinic Guidelines (PDF, 38KB)

The guidelines include information for sponsors related to:

  • Outcomes and deliverable items
  • Sponsoring fees
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Relationships of parties

The program is looking for sponsors to propose potential projects in fields related to electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering.

For more information on sponsoring a project or to propose your ideas for an engineering clinic project, please contact us.

Steps for sponsoring a project

  1. After identifying the topic of interest at your company, please write, call, or email Prof. Steve Blair to discuss with him:
    1. the suitability of the project for undergraduate seniors,
    2. the availability of laboratory and software facilities needed to achieve the project objectives, and
    3. your minimum expectations from the project.

  2. By early January, discuss the project with Prof. Blair to be prepared for February team assignments. Please note that at this stage, the only items needed are the research topic and a list of required facilities (if any).
  3. Subject to both parties agreeing on the first two steps, the industrial liaison may at this point want to give a seminar to all students to attract some of the best to his sponsored Clinic. The seminar generally involves a brief description of the sponsoring company’s activities, how the Clinic project will fit into the overall picture, and the job opportunities in the Clinic area and other related specializations.
  4. The project will be announced to students and included as an option during the students’ online senior project registration. A faculty member with an area of specialty related to the Clinic project will be identified and asked to supervise the Clinic.
  5. Early in February, a team of up to five (5) students will be selected for each Clinic. A team proposal is prepared in conjunction with the team adviser and sponsor liason that includes the desired specifications, tasks, deliverables, and a timeline of events. A copy of this proposal is given to the sponsor. Selection of students will be based on GPA, desire to take additional courses in the Clinic area, and their availability during the summer for conducting project research.
  6. Beyond this point, Clinic activities vary depending on the sponsoring company, the faculty adviser, and the progress made by the students. In general, however, it is expected that the team conducts two to four design reviews with the liaison during the period of the Clinic. It is also possible to conduct one of these design reviews at the industrial site.
  7. All Clinic teams make their final presentations on their projects at the ECE Department’s Technical Open House and the ME Department’s Design Day, generally held each year in April. At the end of the project, the University will provide the sponsor with a copy of the project report prepared by the students.