Student Participation

The Engineering Clinic Program connects senior-level engineering students with sponsoring companies to tackle industrial problems in specially-equipped labs on campus. If that alone hasn’t convinced you to participate, have you considered:

Scholarship money?

Clinic participants each receive $1,000 in financial assistance paid $500 during the fall semester and $500 during the spring semester of their senior year.

Research money?

Each team has a discretionary research budget of $3,000 and can request more if needed while most individual projects are self-funded or limited to faculty budgets.

A sponsor can turn into an employer?

In fact, nearly half of student participants in the program report that they received job offers from their sponsor prior to graduation.


No person is an island, and engineers are even less so. Future employers need you to function well as a contributing member to an interdisciplinary team. Join a team and learn the non-technical, inter-personal skills vital to your future career success.

Skill building?

Build problem-solving, team-working, deadline-meeting, proposal-writing, project-presenting, well-rounding skills that will benefit you through your career and life.

More Information

You should receive more information about participating in the Engineering Clinic Program during your junior year as you prepare to register for senior projects. You can also contact us at anytime to discuss upcoming projects and your participation in the program.