The Power Engineering Curriculum

Coursework within the new Power Engineering program will complement new courses with existing courses to prepare students for a career in the power engineering field.

Core Curriculum

ECE 3600 Introduction to Power Engineering
ECE 5610 Fundamentals of Power Electronics
ECE 5620 Introduction to Power Systems
ECE 5570 Control of Electric Motors

Related courses

ME 5800/6800 Sustainable Energy
Control systems courses – Information about these courses is available at:

Other courses of interest for power systems in Mechanical Engineering

ME EN 1000 Design & Visualization
ME EN 1300 Statics
ME EN 2080 Dynamics
ME EN 2450 Numerical Techniques
ME EN 2650 Concurrent Eng I
ME EN 3600 Thermodynamics II
ME EN 3650 Heat Transfer
ME EN 5600 Intermediate Thermo
ME EN 5610 Modern Phys in Eng.