What is Digital Systems?

Digital designers create modern computing devices.  They design microchips with millions or even billions of nanometer-sized transistors. Creating these integrated circuits (ICs) is a process called very large-scale integration (VLSI).  Digital designers are always looking for better ways to optimize size, computing power, and energy efficiency.


ECE 3700 (Digital Design) is a universal prerequisite for all computer and digital design classes. It is recommended that you complete this class no later than spring semester of the 2nd year.

Course Numbering System: X7xx and X8xx = Digital Systems and Computer Engineering

Course Number Course Name Terms Offered Units
3710 Computer Design Lab Fall 3
5710 Digital VLSI design Fall 4
5780 Embedded System Design Spring 4
5740 Computer-Aided Design of Digital Circuits Spring (odd years) 3
5745 Testing and Verification of Digital Circuits Fall (even years) 3
5750 Synthesis and Verification of Asynchronous VLSI systems Fall (odd years) 3

Students in digital design may also be interested in majoring in Computer Engineering, which is a similar degree with more computer science requirements, or a minor in Computer Science.