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ECE Course Websites

Spring 2015 Semester Course Websites

ECE 5324/6324 – Antenna Theory and Design
ECE 6910/7910 – Graduate Seminar

Fall 2014 Semester Course Websites

ECE 2200 – Electrical Engineering for Civil Engineers
ECE 2210 – Electrical Engineering for NonMajors
ECE 3300 – Fund EM & Trans Lines
ECE 3600 – Introduction to Electric Power Engineering
ECE 5320/6322 – Microwave Engineering I
ECE 5350/6350 – Metamaterials and Advanced Antenna Theory
ECE 6900/7900 – Graduate Seminar



  • Engman Lab:
    MEB 2349 has PCs available for student use.
    The Engman Lab is open during regular lab hours, usually 8 AM – 6 PM.
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    The University of Utah conforms to all standards of the ADA. If you wish to qualify for exemptions under this act, notify the Center for Disability Services, 162 Union.