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Steve Blair

Office: MEB 3236
Phone: (801) 585-6157
Email: blair@ece.utah.edu
Area: Optics and Photonics
Prof. Blair's Profile
Nano Institute of Utah

Research Interests

Physics and applications of resonance phenomena and linear and nonlinear optical phenomena, specifically: resonance enhancement in fluorescence-based molecular transduction, kinetics of bi-molecular interactions, microfabricated optical biosensor array systems, design of periodic and aperiodic systems of artificial resonators, and plasmonics-nanophotonic systems based on metallic structures.

Marc Bodson

Office: MEB 3230
Phone: (801) 581-8590
Email: bodson@ece.utah.edu
Area: Power and Control Systems
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Research Interests

Modeling, identification and control, with an emphasis on adaptive control. Applications to aerospace and electromechanical systems. Current research topics include adaptive algorithms for active noise and vibration control, flight control systems, and the control of electric motors and generators.

Richard Brown

Dean of Engineering
Office: WEB 1650
Phone: (801) 581-6912
Email: brown@utah.edu
Area: Integrated circuits and solid-state sensors
Dean Brown's Profile

Research Interests

Chemical sensors, neural interfaces, electronic circuit clocking, circuit design, high performance microprocessors, and mixed signal microprocessors.

Ryan Brown

Lecturing Faculty
Office: MEB 2122
Phone: (801) 587-7208
Email: ryan.blaine.brown@utah.edu
Area: CLEAR—Communication, Leadership, Ethics and Research

Research Interests

CLEAR—Communication, Leadership, Ethics and Research

Rong Rong Chen

Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3106
Phone: (801) 585-7367
Email: rchen@ece.utah.edu
Area: Signal processing and communication systems
Prof. Chen's Profile

Research Interests

Efficient utilization of multiple antennas for high-rate communications in wireless networks, statistical detection methods for underwater acoustic communications, and other fields related to communication systems and statistical signal processing.

Douglas A. Christensen

Office: MEB 2456
Phone: (801) 581-7859
Email: christen@ece.utah.edu
Area: Fiber optics and guided wave sensors
Prof. Christensen's Profile

Research Interests

Fiberoptic and guided wave sensors, especially those applicable to biomedical sensing, such as fluorescent immunosensors; numerical modeling of optical devices using finite-difference time-domain techniques; and ultrasound bioinstrumentation.

Neil E. Cotter

Associate Professor
Lecturing Faculty
Office: MEB 2268
Phone: (801) 581-8566
Email: necotter@ece.utah.edu
Area: Neural networks
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Research Interests

Neural networks.

Behrouz Farhang

Office: MEB 3240
Phone: (801) 587-7959
Email: farhang@ece.utah.edu
Area: MIMO/CDMA detection
Prof. Farhang's Profile

Research Interests

Filter bank multicarrier communications for underwater acoustic channels, cognitive radios, and multiple access networks; detection algorithms for MIMO and OFDM; implementations on hardware platforms.

Cynthia Furse

Associate Vice President for Research Office: MEB 2280
Phone: (801) 585-7234
Email: cfurse@ece.utah.edu
Area: Communications
Prof. Furse's Profile

Research Interests

Intermittent fault location for aircraft wiring, antenna design and optimization, communications, bioelectromagnetics, and engineering education.

Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2126
Phone: (801) 585-3422
Email: pierre-emmanuel.gaillardon@utah.edu
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Research Interests

Development of reconfigurable logic architectures and digital circuits exploiting emerging device technologies and novel EDA techniques.

Om P. Gandhi

Office: MEB 4508
Phone: (801) 581-7743
Email: gandhi@ece.utah.edu
Area: Electromagnetics
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Research Interests

Development of numerical techniques for electromagnetic (EM) absorption and scattering calculations from power line to microwave frequencies; software for design of personal wireless devices including low SAR antennas, numerical and experimental techniques for compliance testing of wireless communication devices; numerical techniques for microwave integrated circuits.

Joel Harley

Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3104
Phone: (801) 587-5223
Email: joel.harley@utah.edu
Area: Signal processing and wave motion
Prof. Harley's Profile

Research Interests

Signal processing for complex wave propagation, cyber-physical systems, structural health monitoring, compressed sensing, matched field processing, machine learning, statistical signal processing, big data, transform theory.

Mingyue Ji
Mingyue Ji

Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 3108
Phone: (801) 587-7255
Email: mingyue.ji@utah.edu
Area: Information Theory, Communications, Signal Processing, Storage, Distributed Computing
Mingyue Ji's Profile

Research Interests

Fundamental limits, code design and algorithms of caching networks with various structures, channel models and communication schemes
Distributed storage for big data and interaction between distributed (cloud) storage and content delivery networks
Fundamental theory and algorithms of distributed computing for big data

Priyank Kalla

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Programs
Office: MEB 2260
Phone: (801) 587-7617
Email: kalla@ece.utah.edu
Area: VLSI systems
Prof. Kalla's Profile

Research Interests

Automated synthesis and optimization, validation and verification of digital VLSI systems, including: formal verification of RTL descriptions, new techniques to guide CNF-SAT search, using Groebner's proof systems for simplification of design verification and SAT solving, and design automation for optic/photonic logic.

Hanseup Kim

USTAR Associate Professor
Office: SMBB 3709
Phone: (801) 587-9497
Email: hanseup@ece.utah.edu
Area: Biological micro- and nano-systems
Prof. Kim's Profile
Kim Research Group

Research Interests

Biological nano- and micro-systems in moving fluids for medical applications including micro- pumps and valves. System integration in robotics and energy harvesting for micro- robots, actuators, hydraulics, energy harvesting systems, and manufacturing technology.

Gianluca Lazzi

Department Chair
USTAR Professor
Office: MEB 2110C
Phone: (801) 581-6942
Email: lazzi@utah.edu
Area: Electromagnetics and implantable devices
Prof. Lazzi's Profile

Research Interests

Interaction between biological media and electromagnetic fields, implantable microantennas, neural stimulation, biomedical electromagnetics (e.g. retinal prosthesis), computational electromagnetics (e.g. FDTD), antennas for wireless, multiple and vector antenna systems.

Carlos Mastrangelo

USTAR Professor
Phone: (801) 587-7587
Email: carlos.mastrangelo@utah.edu
Area: Microfabricated systems
Prof. Mastrangelo's Profile

Research Interests

Microfabricated systems that interface with biological structures at multiple scales. These include new microfluidics technologies, bioMEMS, novel detection microtechnologies and methods, cell and tissue level microinstruments and microsystems.

Rajesh Menon

USTAR Associate Professor
Office: MEB 2256
Phone: (801) 585-1058
Email: rmenon@eng.utah.edu
Area: Optics and nanotechnology
Prof. Menon's Profile
Menon Group

Research Interests

Absorbance modulation optical lithography, patterning via optical saturable transitions, optical nanoscopy, and ultra-high frequency solar energy via a nanostructured polychromatic concentrator.

Chris J. Myers

Office: MEB 4112A
Phone: (801) 581-6490
Email: myers@ece.utah.edu
Area: Asynchronous circuit design
Prof. Myers' Profile
Myers Research Group

Research Interests

Asynchronous circuit design, formal verification of analog/mixed signal circuits and cyber-physical systems, and modeling, analysis, and design of genetic circuits.

Ajay Nahata

Associate Dean - Academics
Office: WEB 1666
Phone: (801) 581-5184
Email: nahata@ece.utah.edu
Area: Optics and optoelectronics
Prof. Nahata's Profile
MRSEC - Utah

Research Interests

Optics and optoelectronics, specifically in the fields of: terahertz optoelectronics, plasmonics, metamaterials, ultrafast optics, nonlinear optics, guided-wave devices, and imaging.

John Palmer
John Palmer

Associate Professor
Lecturing Faculty
Office: MEB 2130
Phone: (801) 587-9710
Email: john.a.palmer@utah.edu
Area: Power

Research Interests


Masood Parvania
Masood Parvania

Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2220
Phone: (801) 585-0030
Email: masood.parvania@utah.edu
Area: Power
Prof. Parvania's Profile

Research Interests

Operation and planning of cyber-physical power and energy systems, with emphasis on the modeling and integration of distributed energy resources, as well as sustainable renewable energy integration.

Neal Patwari

Associate Professor
Office: MEB 3102
Phone: (801) 581-5917
Email: npatwari@ece.utah.edu
Area: Signal processing
Prof. Patwari's Profile

Research Interests

Inventions for wireless networks which improve their security, reliability, self-awareness, and sensing capabilities. Research applies statistical signal processing, networking, and radio propagation techniques.

Angela Rasmussen

Associate Professor
Lecturing Faculty
Office: MEB 2266B
Phone: (801) 581-6952
Email: angela.rasmussen@utah.edu
Area: Microelectronics and VLSI
Prof. Rasmussen's Profile

Research Interests

Microelectronics and VLSI.

Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani
Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani

Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2218
Phone: (801) 587-8883
Email: mostafa.ardakani@utah.edu
Area: Power and Energy Systems
Mostafa Sahraei-Ardakani

Research Interests

Electricity markets, energy economics, energy policy, power and energy systems, power system optimization, smart grid, transmission networks

Mike Scarpulla

Associate Professor
Office: MEB 2138
Phone: (801) 585-1231
Email: scarpulla@eng.utah.edu
Area: Semiconductors and photovoltaics
Prof. Scarpulla's Profile
Scarpulla Research Group

Research Interests

My research group focuses on earth-abundant, benign compound semiconductors for thin film photovoltaics such as Cu2ZnSnS4. We also work in other sulfide semiconductors for PV, light management for thin film PV, CIGS, laser processing of semiconductors, and the physics of semiconductor alloys and transition metal and rare earth additions to semiconductors.

David Schurig

Associate Professor
Office: MEB 2274
Phone: (801) 503-9415
Email: david.schurig@utah.edu
Area: Metamaterials
Prof. Schurig's Profile

Research Interests

Design, analysis and fabrication of metamaterials in frequency ranges from megahertz to petahertz. Transformation design of devices implementable with metamaterials. Applications include: remote sensing, near-field imaging, biological imaging, implantable devices, electro-mechanical devices and invisibility cloaking.

Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez

Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2134
Phone: (801) 585-5657
Email: berardi.sensale@utah.edu
Area: EM and Optics
Prof. Sensale-Rodriguez's

Research Interests

Terahertz technology, high frequency electronics, two dimensional materials, active metamaterials, plasmonics, and nanophotonics.

Jason Silver

Research Assistant Professor
Office: SMBB 3705
Email: jason.silver@utah.edu
Area: Mixed-signal circuits for sensor systems
Prof. Silver's Profile

Research Interests

My research centers on the development of highly integrated sensor interfaces, with emphasis on the design of signal conditioning electronics, sensor design, and sensor interface characterization. Current projects include the design of integrated electronics for massively parallel neural recording and stimulation and the development of implantable sensors for electrophysiology applications based on the Utah Electrode Array.

Jamesina Simpson

Associate Professor
Office: MEB 2278
Phone: (801) 585-6929
Email: jamesina.simpson@utah.edu
Area: Computational electromagnetics
Prof. Simpson's Profile

Research Interests

Computational electromagnetics theory and applications; finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) solutions to Maxwell’s equations from near-DC to light; electromagnetic propagation in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide; electromagnetic compatibility; plasmonics; biophotonics.

Florian Solzbacher

Associate Chair
Office: SMBB 3701
Phone: (801) 587-0641
Email: solzbach@ece.utah.edu
Area: Harsh environment MEMS
Prof. Solzbacher's Profile
Utah Nanofab
Microsystems Lab

Research Interests

Harsh Environment MEMS, including: materials (SiC (on Si), SOI, GaN), metallisation systems for high temperatures and aggressive ambient conditions, and silicon fusion bonding and packaging issues.

Kenneth S. Stevens

Office: MEB 2254
Phone: (801) 585-9176
Email: kstevens@ece.utah.edu
Area: VLSI and asynchronous circuit design
Prof. Stevens' Profile

Research Interests

VLSI, asynchronous circuit design and architecture, timing analysis, and formal verification.

Arn Stolp

Lecturing Faculty
Office: MEB 2262
Phone: (801) 581-4205
Email: arnstolp@ece.utah.edu
Area: Circuits
Prof. Stolp's Profile

Research Interests


Gerald B. Stringfellow

Distinguished Professor
Office: MEB 3110
Phone: (801) 581-8387
Email: stringfellow@ece.utah.edu
Area: Advanced materials and microelectronics
Prof. Stringfellow's Profile

Research Interests

Ceramics, advanced materials, microelectronics, and a broad range of topics related to materials science and electronics.

Massood Tabib-Azar

USTAR Professor
Office: SMBB 3737
Phone: (801) 581-8775
Email: azar.m@utah.edu
Area: Nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS)
Prof. Tabib-Azar's Profile

Research Interests

Nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS), nano devices and molecular electronics, metrology tools, microwave-AFM for bio-nano-info, and novel fabrication techniques.

Tolga Tasdizen

USTAR Associate Professor
Office: WEB 4893
Phone: (801) 581-3539
Email: tasdizen@ece.utah.edu
Area: Image processing and pattern recognition
Prof. Tasdizen's Profile
SCI Institute

Research Interests

Image processing and pattern recognition, specifically: geometry-based and statistics-based methods for image filtering, segmentation and feature extraction using high-order partial differential equations for image and surface reconstruction. Applying these methods to problems in biomedical imaging, particularly neural circuit reconstruction from very large-scale microscopy image datasets.

Prashant Tathireddy

Research Associate Professor
Office: SMBB 3745
Phone: (801) 581-8282
Email: p.tathireddy@utah.edu
Area: Biosensors and microsensors
Prof. Tathireddy's Profile
The Nano Institute

Research Interests

Micro integration, interfacial science, biosensors, and medical microsensors.

Ross Walker

Assistant Professor
Office: SMBB 3729
Phone: (801) 585-1494
Email: ross.walker@utah.edu
Area: Mixed-signal circuits for sensor systems
Prof. Walker's Profile

Research Interests

Mixed-signal circuits for sensor systems

Jeffrey Walling

Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2124
Phone: (801) 585-9906
Email: jeffrey.s.walling@utah.edu
Area: Silicon based analog/RF circuits
Prof. Walling's Profile

Research Interests

Silicon based analog/RF circuits for high-efficiency, high performance transceivers; Ultra low power circuits for wireless sensor networks; Reconfigurable circuits for software defined radio.

Heayoung Yoon

Assistant Professor
Office: MEB 2136
Phone: (801) 585-0334
Email: heayoung.yoon@utah.edu
Area: Solar Energy Conversion; NanoEngineering
Prof. Yoon's Profile
Yoon's NanoEngineering Group

Research Interests

Engineering micro/nanomaterials to enhance device performance and functionality in the fields of solar energy conversion, advanced nanoelectronics, and 3D hybrid imaging at nanoscale.

Darrin Young

USTAR Associate Professor
Associate Chair
Office: SMBB 3741
Phone: (801) 581-6512
Email: darrin.young@utah.edu
Area: IC Design for MEMS Sensors and Sensing Systems
Prof. Young's Profile
Young's Wireless Microsystems

Research Interests

Integrated Circuits Design for MEMS-Based Sensors and Sensing Systems, fabrication, and integrated circuit design for biomedical implants, wireless sensing, power and energy scavenging, RF communication, and general industrial sensing applications.