Fundraising Priorities


Department priorities are the major focus of our annual fundraising activities.

Priority 1 – Fund an Endowed Chair Position

A majority of our peer departments across the country utilize an endowed chair position to attract leaders in research fields to their department. Many of the top professors in the nation are attracted only to programs who can provide the augmented salary made possible with an endowed position.

The endowment is a large sum of money invested such that the interest generated is enough to provide an ongoing supplement in salary to the most outstanding individuals in modern electrical and computer engineering research fields.


Priority 2 – Scholarships and Fellowships

The ECE Alumni Scholarship is awarded annually to our top students. The scholarship is entirely funded through charitable donations from alumni and friends of the Department.

Our ultimate goal is to provide free tuition for each and every ECE student to ensure no individual is unduly burdened with tuition or other financial concerns while pursuing their dream of working in electrical and computer engineering fields.