Graduate Program Forms

Required forms and deadlines are summarized in the table below. Forms must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the table, failure to do so may delay graduation. Please contact the Graduate Coordinator if you have any questions regarding these forms or our academic program in general.
FORMDUEMS - CWMS - ProjectMS - ThesisPhD
Request for Supervisory CommitteeSecond semester of study (MS)
Before Qualifying Exam (PhD)
Program of StudyEnd of second semester (MS)
End of third semester (PhD)
MS Final Exam Forms
(Coursework / Project)
By final semester
ECE 6950 Special Study Request FormPrior to enrollment in ECE 6950
Qualifying ExamDuring second semester
Research Comprehensive Exam
(Thesis / Dissertation Proposal)
By third semester (MS)
By fifth semester (PhD)
Final Oral Exam Form
(Thesis / Dissertation Defense)
With approval of dissertation/thesis
Fulfillment of Proficiency Requirements
*For students with a non-EE/ECE degree
Beginning of final semester✓*✓*✓*✓*
Application for GraduationSemester prior to graduation
Academic Form Submission

Maximum file size: 52.43MB